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Why should you go for SSD hosting for web hosting

Now you will have a question in your mind. What is SSD hosting? Let me tell you about that. Before that let us take some view on web hosting. You are delivering a good service or good product and you have the website to showcase it. The website might be hosted in any of the web hosting’s service providers hosting server.

There two types of hosting storage. One is SSD hosting and other is HDD hosting. Both have the difference in physical as well as working methods.

HDD stands for the hard disc drive. It uses the rotating  motor and spin head   for reading and writing in the memory. In the initial stage of hosting , there won’t be much difference in speed of loading the website. People often uses the shared hosting for host their websites. When more websites started to share the same hosting, The hosting server receives a lot of requests as it has many websites itself.

The drive has to rotate more and more to respond the server as it receives a lot of request from the server. But the drive has a constant speed of rotating. So the server has to wait until it the head reads all the required data from the disc. This makes the server slow to respond. This makes the server crash. To overcome the problem, We can go for SSD shared hosting.

The SSD stands for Solid state drive. It does not have any moving parts to read and write the data. It works and responds the server faster. The number of websites and the request received from the server does not affect the speed of loading the websites. Here are infographics which give good comparison between SSD and HDD. It compares the both hosting by various parameters.

SSD hosting for website

Now you might have good idea about HDD and SDD hostings. Choose the one according to your requirement.

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