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Used LCD Monitors Need an Immediate Removal and Recycling

LCD monitors are very popular among computer users. Of course, these monitors can be used for many other purposes like playing videos in stores for example. The vivid colors and smooth display are some of the reasons why people love LCD monitors. Of course, these monitors are superior in many other aspects when compared to CRT monitors. However, just like other electronic devices and equipment they will eventually start malfunctioning. In addition, the first LCD monitors appeared on the market more than 15 years ago and many things have changed since then. A LCD monitor from 2016 is much better than a LCD monitor produced in 2006. This is why people decide to replace their monitors with new ones. So, what happens to the used LCD monitors? Well, Used LCD Monitors Need an Immediate Removal and Recycling!
used lcd recycling
LCD monitors contain specific type of glass and other materials that cannot simply be disposed in landfills. As a matter of fact, disposal of LCD monitors can get you a fine because this practice is illegal in most states. In the past, this was not a serious problem, but today, when thousands of people are buying new LCD monitors on a daily basis this can certainly be a huge problem.

Obviously, the screen filled with liquid crystals is the largest and most visible part of the monitor, but the monitor contains many other materials. Some of these materials include silver, gold, copper, lead, palladium, mercury and other materials. A small number of LCD monitors can be fixed and given to charity organizations in poor neighborhoods or foreign countries. But, even those that cannot be repaired can be quite useful because they can be recycled to copper, gold, silver, plastic, glass etc.

Used LCD Monitors Need an Immediate Removal and Recycling because there are many benefits linked to this practice. For example, one of the biggest benefits of this activity is saving money. If you donate an LCD monitor to some organization, individual or recycling company, this will not only help you save money and time needed for proper disposal of your unwanted monitor but it will also allow you to request tax break. Many states encourage people to recycle LCD monitors in other things in this way. Another benefit of used LCD monitor recycling is protection of the environment. As we have already mentioned, LCD monitors contain toxic substances including lead. If they are left in landfills exposed to sun, rain and snow or they are incinerated, these toxic compounds are released in the atmosphere and your used device becomes a toxic waste that polluted everything around it. Besides that, if we were allowed to dispose old LCD monitors in landfills we would have to expand the area covered by landfills and reduce valuable land for agriculture, housing and other useful things.

When the used LCD monitor reaches the recycling company’s facility, the professionals who work there will first remove the liquid crystals and continue with the electronic parts and plastics. Finally, they extract the valuable pieces, clean them and prepare for reuse.

Now you know why Used LCD Monitors Need an Immediate Removal and Recycling. Contact an electronic waste recycling company today and do something good for yourself and our planet.

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