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Types of Hampers for Various Occasions!

We love having occasions that allow us to celebrate special moments of our lives with our near and dear ones. Be it birthdays, weddings, promotions or anything exciting that happens in your life, a party becomes mandatory. You call all the important people in your lives and even allow them to tag a friend or a date along so that everyone feels comfortable in a large gathering. You arrange for food, some fun games, speeches, and sometimes even a dance floor. Parties are of various kinds. They can be extravagant to mellow depending on the occasion. But the most important part of any occasion is the gift that makes its way along with the guests. You would be lying to yourself if by the end of the party you can’t wait for people to leave just so that you could open up the presents.

For somebody going to any of these occasions, it can be a tough decision to choose the right gift. The event has to be kept in mind, a budget has to be fixed, and then a thoughtful gift has to be chosen. One of the easiest ways to avoid confusion over what kind of gift should be given at what occasion is to stick to a basic concept. The best method is to accumulate some special items and collectively gift it in the form of a hamper. Hampers among many other gifts are very convenient as the things that go into a hamper are very easy to gather and don’t need too much of planning. You can gift different types of hampers for different kinds of occasion. Here are some of the events where you are invited as guests and the types of hampers you can assimilate for each event.

1. Birthday hampers.

One of the most widely celebrated affairs in every city around the world is an individual’s birthday. If you have been invited for a birthday party, there are various kinds of hampers you can gift the person celebrating their birthday. The hampers can vary across age groups. If you are going for a birthday party of a child, your hamper can consist of baby products such as soaps, shampoos, toys, chocolates or necessary items of clothing like socks, shoes, etc. If it is an event hosted by an adulated, be it your friends or family, you can gift them assortments in the form of hamper consisting of beauty products, health products, gift coupons, etc.

2. Wedding hampers.

During the wedding, a gift can be pertaining to one specific partner, the bride/ groom or to both. For women, you can accumulate beauty products such as hair products, manicure/ pedicure kits, facial kits, make up, or a mix of all in her hamper to make her feel special during the common days of her marriage. For men, there can be a hamper full of food, and other items from the sports department such as a jersey with a favourite number, some rare collectibles, PlayStation, etc. If it is a couple hamper, it can have things that could really help during their honeymoon such as massage vouchers, few card games, hair and clothing essentials, etc.

3. Christmas hampers.

These are one of my favourite kinds of hampers to design. The warmth and joy this festival provides has to radiate through this perfect gift. This hamper should have everything a family will want during Christmas. From cookies, bottles of wine and candies being the basic requirements, gift hampers for Christmas can be filled in with various other things fulfilling needs of certain members of the family starting from the youngest and all the way till the oldest. Christmas is a festival that allows a hamper to combine generations. Hampers for this occasion can even contain items that are handmade to add to the personal touch.

4. Achievement Hampers.

These are hampers which can be custom made for certain occasions celebrating a success or an achievement of the host. It can be an announcement of their promotion at a workplace, a graduating from their institution, or any other occasion celebrating a success. These hampers can consist of bottle of wine, sophisticates stationary such as an autographed, customised ink pen or a set of stationary that your host would be proud to show off. It can also contain tickets to a favourite game, a resort, or even a spa to allow your friend/ family to unwind after all the hard work they must have put in to achieve the particular goal.

5. Baby shower hampers.

Hampers during baby showers are the perfect gift if you are ever invited to one, as they are a blend of everything you require to welcome the baby home. Try to be as unique as possible as many would probably bring the same things for the baby like toiletries, body products, or other health products which includes pampers, milk bottles, toys, stroller, etc. Concentrate on the mother as it would also be her special day and include in the hamper subtle treats that she can enjoy after childbirth along with the perfect essentials for the baby.

6. Romantic hampers.

A very important type of hamper, this does not require a special occasion for it to be made or bought. Pamper your partner for no reason at all and see the glow on their faces when you gift them a hamper consisting of all their favourite things that you managed to put together after paying close attention to their likes and dislikes. It is hard to resist a person who ensures that the little details that your partner indirectly throws at you are the most important ones. Read between the lines and gift them couples pass to a concert, relaxing holiday to take your time off to get to know one another, etc. Or the gift hampers UK could simply consist of items such as favourite books, collection, chocolates, etc. that you can give for no apparent reason simply to show them you care.

These are some of the hamper ideas that you could include as a gift during any of the occasions. So get creative and try to make your hamper as personal as you can.

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