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Top 6 mobile applications for the Android OS

The Google Play Store for Android operating system has more than a million applications for you to download and it’s pretty much understandable if you’re baffled. No need to fret as here, we’ll just outline some of the best mobile applications for the particular OS ranging from social, entertainment, fitness and travel.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

As the old saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free breakfast” or quality do come with a price; same is the case with the many mobile apps out there. Some are free but the best must be purchased so if you’re a real scrooge, the Google Opinion Rewards is definitely worth installing.

The app works like this; complete a short survey for Google and every time, you’ll be given a particular credit that can be anywhere between $10 and $50. The survey takes less than a minute or two to complete so, download this today, it’s worth anything else!

  1. Avast Antivirus & Security

We’re all familiar with the Avast Antivirus & Security being a powerful antivirus for desktop PCs and the mobile version is no less! It’s free and comes with many additional features to offer comprehensive cover that includes remote data recovery as well as geofencing. Even for those who want basic protection, this app has everything you craved and for free.

  1. Greenify

To get the most out of mobile phone’s battery is the real deal. Android Lollipop may have its own battery saving tools and many smartphones nowadays offer power-saving modes, Greenify actually sits in the background and helps regulate battery life per the apps being used. It actually freezes (pause) apps when you aren’t using them instead of runningit in the background. If a user wishes to use, apps are resumed immediately so it’s definitely handy and worth installation.

  1. Clean Master

Nobody likes a rugged and slow device. And as we speak, Android does manage to pull all the digital debris like a magnet. If you’re facing the same dilemma, Clean Master is just the mop you need to scrub the device till it’slitter-free. The Junk File Cleaning option scans the device and removes any residual files and unwanted caches.

  1. Tasker

If you’ve root access to your Android phone and really want to tinker with the functions, Tasker just gives you the edge to brilliantly automating the manual functions. You’ll get the hang of it steadily but once familiar, there’s no stopping.

Perhaps the smartest of all mobile applications, Tasker can train your phone to open Spotify the moment hands free are plugged or automatically respond to messages along with the destination. All you need is to feed Tasker the information and it’ll automate the rest.

  1. Opera Max

If you’re lucky enough to have unlimited data on your phone or a wallet that never dries, getting the best out of the data package is crucial and this is possible if you’ve Opera Max. The app breaks the data into smaller units thus reducing upload/download time, increase website loading and browsing speed which saves a lot of time. You can even restrict apps that hardly connect with a wireless internet connection through Opera Max.


Let the above mobile applications redefine your experience with the Android operating system.

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