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Top 10 Nancy Drew Games

Nancy Drew is a fictional character first created by a publisher named Edward Stratemeyer. Later on, “Her Interactive” made this character the main character in their game as a detective. Here are some of the scariest games in the Nancy Drew Series:

1.Warnings At Waverly Academy

Nancy Drew: Warnings At The Waverly Academy is the 21st part of the Nancy Drew Series. It’s storyline follows Nancy Drew getting enrolled as “Becca Sawyer” at Waverly Academy. The candidates at the Academy has been receiving threats through notes signed by “Black Cat”. Now Nancy has to find out who is doing it and why.

  1. Curse Of The Blackmoor Manor

Nancy Drew: Curse Of The Blackmoor Manor is a single-player adventure game published and developed by the “Her Interactive”. Nancy goes to England to visit Linda who’s living in the Blackmoor Manor. Which is a fourteenth century building now haunted by a mysterious past.

  1. Shadow At The Water’s Edge

This game is the 23rd part of the game series. It was released in 2010. The plot is that Nancy starts travelling as a teacher to Japan with two of her friends to solve the mystery. She somehow acknowledged that strange things have been happening because of a woman who once mysteriously died. The events are scaring away the guests in the inn. So, Nancy tries to solve the mystery and know who is haunting the inn.

  1. The Secret Of Shadow Ranch

Nancy Drew: The Secret Of Shadow Ranch is the 10th part of the Nancy Drew adventure game. It is a point-and-click single player game. The story follows Nancy being invited to Shadow Ranch in the Arizona. She noticed some people gone missing. People say that a person named Dirk Valentine was arrested and hanged for being involved in sheriff’s daughter. Dirk’s horse has now come back to get revenge.

  1. Alibi in Ashes

This game is the 25th installment in the series. Now, Nancy finds herself in jail and must work to clear her name.

  1. The Silent Spy

This is the 29th part of the series. Kate Drew dies in a car accident and now the mission for Nancy is to find out about her mother’s mysterious death.

  1. Ghost Of Thornton Hall

Nancy Drew: Ghost Of Thornton Hall is the 28th installment in the series. Paranormal expert named Savannah calls Nancy for help to solve a difficult mystery.

  1. Treasure in the Royal Tower

This is the 4th installment of the Nancy game series. Nancy stays at a castle, everything was okay, until a guest reported that she had been robbed. In order to make the most from this game, you need the best pc gaming headsets.

  1. The Phantom Of Venice

Nancy Drew: The Phantom Of Venice is the eighteenth part of the game series. Nancy has been called because some art theft has been reported in the Venice.

  1. Stay Tuned For Danger

This is 2nd installment of the series. Popular star Mattie Jensen calls Nancy for help because her co-star Rick Arlen has been getting death threats.

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