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Four Ways to Create a Healthy Working Environment

A happy and healthy working environment plays an important part in any office, as it not only helps a business grow and increase its success, but helps to keep the business’s employees happy, content and productive in their day-to-day work life.  Most employees spend up to nine hours of their day at work, depending on their career, meaning that their office space, or relative working area, plays an important role in keeping them happy.

However, this being said, employees do not have very much control over their work space or the building that they work in, this is because the business owner chooses what office to rent in Dubai. In order to employees to act on any areas of their work space that they are not happy with, or that is impacting them negatively, there are steps that they can take in order for changes to be made to any problem areas.

These problem areas could consist of anything from physical changes, for example a change in lighting, to changes to company culture, for example management techniques. Even the slightest change could impact employees in a negative (or positive way), and each complaint or compliment should be taken on board, discussed and then dealt with in the appropriate manner.

If you, as a business owner, are looking for ways in which you can improve your company’s work environment, look no further. In this article we are going to explore four ways you can do just that:

Invest in a Space for Relaxation

Whether a dedicated room or a cosy space in your open plan office, investing in a space where employees can relax or take a break from their daily happenings is a very important aspect of creating a healthy working environment that everyone can love and enjoy. Employees need to take frequent breaks throughout their day in order to increase their productivity levels, and by investing in a dedicated space where they can socialise and unwind, all without disturbing other employees, you are also investing in their well being while boosting their overall morale. Even the most focused employees need to take at least two breaks at some point during their day, and the change of scenery paired with a completely different atmosphere will help to recharge a their bodies and their minds.

Incorporate Wellness Activities
There are number of ways both big and small companies can focus on and promote well being in their office. Whether you start offering healthier meals at your cafeteria which include the likes of salads, bottled water and healthier sweet options, or start a program that includes your employees taking part in yoga once a week right there in their office, the impact these small changes will be significant, leading to increased happiness, attitude and productivity levels in your employees.

Communication is Key 

Like in all relationships you have throughout life, whether friendships, marriage, or professional relationships with your employees, communication is key in order to gain and share important feedback. Try to talk to each of your employees at least once a month face-to-face, as emails can come across as emotionless and impersonal. The aim of these face-to-face meetings can be to see how they are coping with their work load, for example, or to ask them what improvements they would like to see happen in the near future. The second way you can communicate with your employees is to have group meetings to discuss the general news happening at the office. This may include any changes to the business, including promotions, and will prevent rumours from growing and any misunderstandings that may occur because of them. Communication is also a vital way in which you are able to get to know your employees better.

Encourage Flexibility in the Office 

Feeling as if you have to be glued to your desk all week can be a nightmare for some employees, while others might enjoy having their own dedicated and personalized space to sit down to every day. Offering flexibility in the work place will enable you to provide the adequate space needed by each individual employee. If possible, ask your employees what option they would prefer: to move desks every day, or to have their own dedicated space. If there is a mixture of both results, opt to have a mixture of both options available to them. By doing so, you are ensuring that the employees who would like to sit at a different desk every day, can, and those who would like their own space that they can personalize (by bringing in a plant or photographs for example), can too. The same goes for those employees who would prefer to work from home once a week, and for those who would like to spend a couple of hours a day working at the coffee shops around the corner instead.

There are an array of positive benefits that come with creating a healthy working environment for both you and your employees, but overall you are sure to see happier workers who enjoy their job more and are eager to contribute and work hard.

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