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Carbohydrate Poor diets

Carbohydrate Poor diets such as Atkins has also been promoting every now and then over many decades with only slight changes. In the short term weight loss greeted by a carbohydrate diet, but after a year’s weight loss is the same as for other types of diet those short-term benefits obtained due to carbohydrate diets automatic is high in protein, which is more satisfying than carbohydrates and fat. Also formed ketone bodies acting appetite suppressants both effects result in a decreased food intake and thus a negative energy balance. A portion of the initial weight loss will also be fluid the health consequences in the long term by a carbohydrate diets are not known, but in the short term it is considered safe

Protein diets

The protein-containing diets with up to 50% protein is also recommended by some. The reason is that protein is the most filling nutrient. Diets with 20-25% protein result in greater weight loss than conventional diets in ad libitum studies, while not clearly seen the same benefits in is caloric trials. Opinion is divided on whether an increased protein intake of 2-3 times the recommended increase the risk of osteoporosis later in life Also, it can have negative effects in people with weak kidneys and in diabetics

A bid for a sensible composition will be 55-65% C, 15-20% P and 20-25% F. Carbohydrates mainly in the form of coarse foods high in fiber and low in sugar intake. Protein in the form of vegetable and low-fat animal foods. The fatty mainly in the form of oils, nuts and fish. At least 500-600 grams of fruit and vegetables. This diet is easier to lose weight and to maintain its weight loss.

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Meal Frequency

The number of meals does not affect how much one loses weight. However, it seems to make sense to consume 5-7 meals a day when you have to lose weight. This is for several reasons. At 5-6 meals a day, there is a small breakdown of muscle tissue than 1-2 meal though not in all studies In individuals who consume more meals a day are reported less hunger throughout the day, reducing the risk of breaking one’s diet. How much the number of meals has to say for people with a steady intake is more uncertain.

Late evening meals

If you consume the same amount of energy during the day, it does not matter, for the same weight if you eat the last meal at. 18:00 or 23:00. In muscle building, it may be advantageous to adopt a late meal in order to ensure that there is energy and protein available through most of the night. However, one should not eat large and late meals, so we skip the morning meal of. The result is that you get hungry by the day and eat some food, you have not planned.


Alcohol is energizing without adding any nutrients. Is there room for a few items in the energy accounts there is nothing in the way of it. After swallowing of many items reduced carbohydrate turnover and one tends to greater fat deposition A few drinks a day may protect against cardiovascular disease while several objects increases the risk of certain types of cancer


Smoking increases the metabolism and smokers have thus increased energy consumption compared to non-smokers. The increased metabolism in smokers makes them weigh less than comparable non-smokers. By quitting smoking decreases one’s metabolism to that of the body, normal level and provided you consume the same diet as before will gain weight. Generally we see a weight gain of 3-4 kg (Perkins 1993), although the variation, with some losing weight and the other takes 20 kilos. Fear of gaining weight is the most common reason that people will not stop their smoking. In health it is much better to stop smoking even taking some kilos by being physically active and eat a healthy diet can largely avoid gaining weight and maybe even lose weight despite a smoking cessation.

Sugar and sweeteners

Sugar intake may not have a negative effect on the body weight, but may have the This is due to the sugar, particularly in liquid form, do not satisfy as much as other solid feed You come so easily in positive energy balance by a large liquid sugar intake. Another disadvantage of sugar is that it hardly contributes with micronutrients, which we usually call “empty calories”. You take the sugar-rich diet you risk therefore to be missing micronutrients In some studies have partly replaced sugar with sweeteners, which resulted in weight loss Aspartame can be used as a means to come down in weight and to maintain weight Aspartame, which is the most common sweetener, has often been subjected to various accusations about everything from increased appetite for cancer. It is now one of the most studied substances and has so far found no evidence of the negative effects it is accused.


There are many supplements and natural products which caters to people who want to lose weight. Chitosan, Chromium percolate, Garcia, Glucomannan, Guar gum, HMB, DHEA, CLA, etc. To show the variety and yet mention just a few products. Many of these products have been tested in several scientific studies and included in several reviews. Despite some of the products have been shown to have efficacy in animal studies there is no evidence that they have an effect in people who want to lose weight. Some of the products has also been found to have negative effects such as diarrhea, headache, constipation, and so on.

Unfortunately no easy solutions to lose weight or to maintain a weight loss. It often takes many months of hard work to reach a satisfactory body weight, then you must live “real” life. But when you have overcome the worst problems with dietary and exercise changes and have become accustomed to them, you will rarely regret it, and the physical and mental benefits will speak for itself. Although there is no easy way, there are ways in which it is easier than others, and ways in which it is healthier than others. The goal of this article was to clarify this and thereby help those who want to lose weight, to do it in the best way.

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