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Know Various Types and Features Automatic Gates for Home

Gates provide the first line of defense when it comes to the security of your home or business. Gates are often considered as the first point of entry into one’s home or business establishment, hence its operation also will determine if one is welcomed in a pleasing manner or is kept halted for inspection and frisking. With automatic gates, one has the opportunity to halt the person entering with the dignity of entrance without being held up. Previously when gates were made of wooden and other railings, automation around them was almost impossible. With modern infrastructure, gates are closed and opened automatically and in this article, we will discuss the types of automatic gates and its functions.

automatic gates

Types of Automatic Gates

There are a plethora of awesome designs that you can take advantage of, hence there is rising demand in the market for automatic gates. You could choose from a one-piece door that opens and closes or slides to two pieces of gates that move. You will have to make a choice depending upon the area that you have to be used and the budget that you can spare for this automation.

  • Articulated gate openers are used for gates that have wide posts; this can be helpful especially if the opening is in small spaces. With gates made up of aluminum this automation is pretty successful and can be easily installed.
  • Under the gate, jack operators are another type of mechanism that can be used to automate gate opening. These use the pivot point of the gate to move and since it is not durable, this mechanism should be used in areas where the frequency of usage is low, such as private homes.
  • Sliding gate openers – Most often this mechanism is used in places where the working area for automation and opening and closing of the automatic gates are smaller. Most desirable in shopping complexes, commercial property, and medical institutes.
  • Sliding gates are considered as the most used and employed automatic gates since they provide both agility and use lesser space in comparison to other automation. These gates are cost effective and have technology that is sensitive in detecting objects avoiding crushing.

Motor Requirements for Automatic Gates

Automatic gates always operate on motors, these may be of two types in most cases. The hydraulic and electromechanical are two distinct motors that are used. In a Hydraulic motor, liquid pressurized air moves the cylinder to and fro to organize the movement of gates. Electric motors generally are less noisy and provide more control in terms of force and torque applied.

Security with Automatic Gates

Gates no matter how strong and solid may be, cannot guarantee security just because one has installed automation on it to open and close. Physical security for the gates is not going to be substituted with automatic gates. Hence one has to install security devices for automatic gates. Devices like security cameras, locks, alarms, and flashlights are still a necessity. If the building is installed with automatic gates, it might be advantageous to put barriers to check the speeds of oncoming vehicle traffic. In case the gates face a large amount of incoming traffic, placing speed bumps could slow down the vehicles and avoid crashing into the gates.

Such gates are both easy to install and are efficient too. They are affordable and do not take up much space either. Choose options that have sensors and a decent reputation in the market. If there is yearly maintenance available from the manufacturer or contractor fixing the unit for this equipment, it is best to opt for it. Also, check for manufacturers support on warranty and guarantee of the motors and related spares.

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