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DIY Perfect Living Room

A blend of natural and artificial lighting is recommended for your living room. Augment this with earthy shades to make your room appear spacious.

DIY Perfect Living Room

Living room is the best space in your tiny paradise which brings all of you together. So it must be designed in a family friendly and practical way which is comfortable yet stylish.

Know Your Style Best:

The first step towards creating such a living room is deciding on one style you really like. It could be Edwardian, traditional but not so vintage or contemporary. No matter what it is, make sure you go an extensive research about it based on the area you have and colors which have a calming effect on your mind. Your invaluable sources could be magazines, online surfing, market survey or you could just get inspired by your neighborhood or even that paints you saw at the exhibition or even a living room from your favorite movie. Once you shortlist couple of style, you can evaluate which one can easily fit into your budget and space.

Family Friendly:

Since it is living room, where your melts whacky ideas to strengthen the bond and create beautiful memoirs, make sure it is designed keeping each family member in mind. The seating place should be such that members get to sit together and there is space for everyone. Number of seats should be one or two more than the number of members, if possible. The height of the table should be appropriate, if the family has kids, a low rise furniture is a good idea and make sure the edges of the tables or sofa are not sharp or pointed. Select a child friendly design. Also living room behavior is not bound by defined rules, from a chinwag to loud laughter the family can nosh on snacks to enjoy. So it is wise to select upholstery fabrics which are easy to maintain, are water proof or you can wash or wipe them clean easily. Also keep the breakable décor out of reach of children.

Use Light Smartly:

If your living room has a big window, let the light generously play its part in making this space look bright and lively. To add to this effect, you can put a stylish mirror, glass décor or other reflective decorations opposite this window and let the sunrays bounce and scatter in the room.

But if your room has a smaller window or no window, you need to create that impact smartly through your design. Avoid keeping the room closed and cluttered, if possible remove the door and keep an open walkway so that outside area adds to the lightning and ventilation. Accent lightening to highlight the design details, task lights and table lamps all help in creating this appeal. But do not overdo this and avoid too many overhead lights else, the design might lose its spirit and the space won’t look cozy and welcoming. Use earthy shades in your color scheme, walls can have reflective paints which enhance the space.

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