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Decor Tips: Transform Your Space into a Minimalist Style

What exactly does it mean when you say minimalist style or design? To put it in a minimal way, two significant words best describes it: simplicity and symmetry.

Minimalist interiors can be perceived as plain and boring in terms of style, decor, and aesthetics. The concept is, although simple in style, it actually maximizes quality and functionality. Besides, a simple space can be structured in a sophisticated manner that appears spotless and breathable.

A minimalist home concentrates on the quality of living, functionality of each and every object at home, a well-balanced design and keeping the simplicity and clean lines on check. The upside of a simple home? You need not dust numerous appliances and decors. Here we have listed the trademarks of a minimalist home.

Calming, light, natural color palette

White, barely gray, pastel and other neutral based hues are the ideal and most effective wall colors to achieve a minimalist home for it makes the home appear more airy, bright and spacious.

Though in the past years there have been spaces sporting this style that rocks bright and bold colors, you can opt for that as well if you’re more into making a statement and stamping more of your personality in your space. However, if you still prefer a sophisticated looking home, sticking to the neutrals would be more appealing. Stick to one or two colors. You can still add splashes of bold colors in terms of decor if you want.

Balanced structure and spacious design

A minimalist’s living room is composed of only useful and functional furnitures and less decorative elements. A perfect embodiment of less is more. In addition, their spaces are all spacious since their rooms only consists of relevant furnitures and little to no decorative elements.

If you worry about what to do with your empty spaces and tricky corners, you should let them be if you’re converting to being minimalistic since empty spaces are an essential element in this particular style. Why is that so? Because the empty space creates a well-balance and compliments the furniture within it; it defines the overall structure of the space.

Clean lines

Aside from a well-balanced layout and spacious design, clean lines and flat surfaces are also present and defined in minimalist homes. What do we mean by clean lines?

Minimalist spaces prefer to have furnitures that has defined and clean lines and curves. Don’t expect to see lots of textures (they incorporate textures just not as much), overly structured focal elements and the works. As you can observe, their spaces are also rich in flat surfaces; keeping it simple and easy on the eyes.

Accent elements and bold statements
Just because simplicity is the foremost core of a minimalistic style doesn’t mean you can’t add a few accents and decor here and there.

The only thing to observe and keep in mind is not to overdo the decorations and don’t go overboard in accessories. Remember, these items are used as your accents, focal point or centerpiece that makes a bold statement.

You can add statements and accents without adding clutter in your space. For instance, spraying your mirror’s frame a metallic shade. You may not notice it at first but it certainly catches the attention and completes the whole layout without even adding or removing anything.


Go to Google, type in “minimalist home interior” then click images. Do you see any photos of a minimalist home cluttered? We bet not. You could also try and check decor sites and blogs about minimalist style to see more up close and personal photos of uncluttered homes.

The interior design is focused on, it was already mentioned several times — simplicity. There are a lot of empty spaces but definitely no room for clutter. Try as much as you can to keep all the unnecessary stuff in your storage. Remember, the style is focused on simplicity, symmetry and functionality.

Let the light travel

The lighting is as important as each and every essential and functional furniture in your home. Natural light is what compliments, showcases and defines your home layout. Keep your windows bare and observe where the most light hits then take advantage of it. Of course, you can add an attention-grabbing light fixture that stands out all the while lights out your space.


It has been mentioned several times in this post. We listed it here last to remind you again and for the last time before you end this reading that simplicity is the key element of a minimalist home. Forget the artwork collage trend, numerous throw pillows on the sofa, countless accessories here and there and the works. Keep and maintain a simple, symmetric and clean style.

What’s your best advice to achieve a minimalist home? Share it with us!


Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.

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