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Chop Vegetables with a Hair tool and Clean Your Cutting Board Nicely

Cooking food is one of the most amazing and exciting chores to perform. However, with exciting things, there comes a sense of boring activities. With cooking, the boring chore to do is cutting vegetables which are to be cooked. They need to be cut precisely and beautifully so that they look amazing when they are cooked. After cooking, comes the chore of cleaning up the dirty dishes, and the cutting board which is quite hard to clean because small bits of vegetables get stuck in corners, and sometimes, there is the old smell of vegetables which still linger.

Until now, cutting vegetables has been a dreaded cooking chore for nearly all the people who love to cook. However, this is not the case anymore. Read on and find a great way to slice up vegetables in the precise shapes you want to. Clever You Tuber Dave Hax has posted a video online in which he uses a few simple tools to perfectly chop and dice vegetables. Also you can give this tips and tools to lady as a thank you gifts and appreciate her cooking technique and cuisine, which she serve for you only.

The tools you need for the job are a metal afro comb and knife. So, how do you do perfectly slice and dice up vegetables using the afro comb? First step is use the comb and slowly and carefully pierce the vegetable you want to cut. Then, take the knife and use the gaps between the teeth of the comb to slice the vegetables. The prongs or teeth of the comb keeps the whole fruit intact while you are cutting and the sliced pieces are in exactly the same size. This trick works on any kind of vegetable you want to slice. If you don’t have an afro comb at home, then you can buy customized gifts for her as low as $8. So, you see, cutting vegetable to a size is quite easy and simple with this trick.


Now comes the cleaning part. Cleaning a chopping board is quite a chore because if you don’t clean it properly, it might have some harmful bugs living there or the smell of old vegetables still lingering there. Here are some tips of cleaning a cutting board completely and making it completely clean. Some tips to clean the board completely are as follows.


  • Vinegar will disinfect – The surface wood fibers on a cutting board and butcher blocks might get weakened if it is cleaned with water and dish washing detergent for long periods of time. For disinfecting and cleaning the wooden surface of the board, just wipe them with a full-strength white vinegar after every use. The acetic acid which is present in the vinegar acts as a great disinfectant and is quite effective against various bugs like E. coli, salmonella, etc. After cleaning it with vinegar, spread some baking soda over the board to deodorize the board completely. To do so, let the baking soda foam and bubble for nearly 10 minutes, and then wash it off with a cloth and clean cold water.


  • Hydrogen peroxide will kill bacteria – A sure-shot bacteria killer is hydrogen peroxide. It is just the thing you will need to clean a chopping board after you have cut chicken or other kind of meat. To kill the germs on the board, first use a paper towel and wipe the board with vinegar. Then, use another towel to wipe it with hydrogen peroxide. Then, wash it with water. Generally, a 3% peroxide solution works fine.


  • Lemons will remove odor – If the cutting board has a weird smell to it after you have chopped onions, or garlic or cut either raw or cooked chicken or meat, or filleted some fish, then you can use some lemons to get rid of the small and sanitize the board. Use a lemon cut in half and rub it all over the board. You can also wash the board with undiluted lemon juice.


  • Baking soda will deep clean – To keep the wooden or plastic cutting board clean, you can, occasionally, clean it with a paste made from 1 tablespoon each of water, salt, and baking soda. After you have used this solution to clean the board, make sure you wash it off thoroughly with hot water.


  • Salt brightens – If you notice that the color of your chopping board has turned pale due to continuous usage, then you can clean them with the help of soap and water. After washing them, use a damp cloth dipped in salt to clean it. Your board will appear to be brighter and lighter in color. You can also create a paste from lemon juice and salt, and use that to give your cutting board a thorough cleaning, as per requirement.


  • Bleach purifies – If you have butcher block cutting board or a counter top of the same nature, you definitely should not use furniture polish or any other kind of household cleaner to clean the board. Instead of that, clean the board surface with a brush that has been dipped in a mixture of 1 teaspoon of bleach that has been diluted in 2 liters of water. Rub in small circles, and be very cautious as to not to saturate the wood with the mixture. Use a slightly damp paper towel to wipe the board, and then, buff the board dry with a clean cloth.


So, you use, these are some easy ways to clean your chopping board and a simple way to finely chop vegetables into exact sizes. So, make your cooking more interesting with these techniques and give that cutting board of yours a thorough cleaning with the above mentioned tips.


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