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3 Stylish Yet Robust Stone Pavers for Your Home’s Outdoor

If you are planning to renovate your mansion in the upcoming year, then there’s one suggestion that I would like to give you and that is, focus on your outdoor. In my career as a home designer, I have come across numerous homeowners in Melbourne who are more obsessed with the interior of the house rather than the outdoor. Do you know why? It’s because they feel decorating the interior is enough to enhance the beauty of the house, as well as its value. But, that’s their misconception. If you want to sell your house in future, then the buyers won’t just look at the interior of the house, but they would also want the outdoor area to be equally stunning. So, when renovating your house in the upcoming year, make sure you revamp the outdoor too.

Usually, what most of the people do is they purchase loads of plants, pots, garden ornaments and other outdoor items to revamp the outdoor area. But, just placing the items won’t really make your outdoor space look gorgeous, until and unless the floor looks stunning. So, if the outdoor flooring of your home is not happening and has worn out since it is a highly trafficked area, then make sure you install gorgeous pavers Melbourne.

Generally, people choose concrete ones for their outdoors because of its sturdy and tough nature. But, if you ask me I would always ask you to choose stone pavers as they are prettier and some of them are quite robust too and won’t easily get weary. Have no idea about chic yet robust paving stones? Don’t worry; I have listed below a few of them. Take a look.


If you want to opt for stones that can retain its beauty and stay robust for years, no matter how the weather is, then always choose limestone ones.  If you ask any engineer, designer or architect they would definitely say that this is one of the go-to building materials for paving the outdoor area of a house. Why just paving? If you have an outdoor pool, you can use this for pool decks and coping too.

Limestone paving stone are available in a variety of colours such as blue, grey, brown, tan and even pink. And the best quality of this stone is that it can be cut into various shapes and sizes. So this is definitely a stress-free choice for the homeowners for outdoor paving. Plus you can use these stones for crazy paving.


Another durable yet pretty stone that will undoubtedly help you deck up your home’s outdoor would be bluestone. These stones are not just sturdy and classy, but they are water resistant too, which means you can use them for the pool decks.

Usually, these stones come in blue-gray colours and are commonly finished using three different ways such as thermal, natural cleft and honed finish. This stone paver is an ideal choice for homes that have an outdoor area surrounded by natural charms.

Coral Stone

Want to give your outdoor area a modish look? If yes, then why don’t you choose coral stones? These stone pavers also known as coralina fossil stone are basically created by merging coral and shell fossils, sand and limestone, and they look extremely beautiful. Apart from being one of the most attractive stone pavers, it is also quite durable and has the strength of surviving climate extremes. So, you can use them for your garden area. The best quality of these stones is that it requires very little maintenance and is slip-resistant too.

So, these were the three different stylish yet robust stone pavers for your homes outdoor. If you are worried about finding these pavers in Melbourne then don’t. There are many manufacturers in this city that produce these kinds of paving stones. If you no idea about any good manufacturers, then either take referrals or search the net and you will surely find out about many companies.

Author Bio- If you want to know about pavers, then read Rose Millers articles on home renovation. Her articles will help you choose a good company that excels in manufacturing pavers to create crazy paving.

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