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What is a pediatrician?

Pediatrics is a unique branch of medical science since it is the only kind where the patient is not able to express his or her problems or feelings. The job of the doctor becomes tough when the patient is not able to express his symptoms. The pediatrician has to depend on the gestures of the child, physical examination and symptoms narrated by the parents. This is why the best pediatrician has to have some extra qualities apart from his knowledge of diseases and anatomy. He has to understand child psychology to some extent. A good pediatrician must have a grip over child psychology since that will help him diagnose the problem. The other common qualities of a good pediatrician are the ability to interact with children through various means, persuasiveness, and sympathy.

Their main job is restricted to provide medical care to infants, young adults or adolescents. They go on to identify the diseases and then develop preventive measures in this regard. In fact, they are also on the lookout for physic social problems which have an impact on the children. The general ones deal with babies and they have an understanding on how the treatments progress through various stages. A significant amount of formal education is required to become a pediatrician.

Routine checkups are part and parcel of your job, and this involves monitoring a child from the developmental stages to adulthood. They are bound to work with the other health care professionals to ensure that the best care is provided for the little ones.

Diagnosis of pediatric complications

A pediatrician must be much nuanced in his approach in diagnosing any complication in children. He must observe the behavior of child keenly to see what signs of illnesses the child is exhibiting. A resourceful and intelligent pediatrician is able to gauge the problem just by observing and physically examining the child. However, there are many diagnostic tests that aid these doctors in diagnosis.

Pediatric specialties and their training

There are many specialties within pediatrics that deal with individual systemic complexities in children. So there is neonatology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric nephrology, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric neurology, pediatric oncology, pediatric hematologist, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric rheumatology, pediatric pulmonology, endocrine, emergency medicine etc. All these are independent streams of study requiring at least 2 years of dedicated study and in house training. A doctor undergoes training in inpatient, outpatient, critical care and surgical categories during this period of study and training.

Pediatricians in hospitals

A hospital must have a good set of pediatricians who are available round the clock. The resident medical doctor, who is generally an MBBS, must not be entrusted to admit a child. If a child is to be admitted to a hospital, it must be admitted under the care of a good pediatrician. Since only a pediatrician can have some idea about the problem of the child, he or she should be present during admission of the child. The best thing is to go to a children’s hospital. Your search for the “best pediatrician near me” can end in hospitals dedicated to serving children. In these hospitals, all the doctors are pediatricians serving in different branches of pediatrics. In case of emergency your child will get prompt treatment in such hospitals since they are equipped with almost all the complications that may arise in a child.

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