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Supracor: Most advanced & safest LASIK procedure

Supracor is a Lasik/Intralasik procedure accomplished through a highly sophisticated and specific treatment for correction of near, intermediate and distance vision. After the treatment, the cornea becomes varifocal or multifocal.

Individuals in their 40s or above only had the option of undergoing the laser eye surgery for vision correction before advanced and safe methods. It was considered necessary for reading the fine print and perform other activities that exclude glasses.

Solutions, for instance,monovision (blended vision) which turns one eye short-sighted and compromises distance vision. With Supracor, this isn’t any longer necessary as both eyes are treated to give simultaneous distance.

What Supracor covers?

The treatment is:

  • an Intralasik procedure providing complete freedom from glasses
  • corrects presbyopia (the need for reading glasses)
  • A complete and wide range of correction for distance, intermediate and near vision
  • Available for astigmatism, short and far-sightedness.

What’ll be the effect on both eyes?


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Supracor is deemed as “art form” where a successful outcome is highly dependent on patient’s selection and surgeon’s experience. Initially, distant vision may be compromised however it improves recovery time, that can be anywhere from a few weeks to months. This is another reason surgeon need to examine each patient individually as the level of correction and immediate visual requisites vary tremendously.

For patients experiencing Hyperopia (far-sightedness), the surgeon may depend on individual’s visual needs to perform either a mild or full Supracor in dominant or non-dominant eye respectively; recovery time is swift.

In Myopic (short-sighted) Supracor, the consultant may choose to perform treatment only for the non-dominant eye. Unlike blended vision/monovision, the laser surgery is usually for both the eyes allowing the patient to enjoy equal and clear vision entirely.

How does it work?

A corneal flap is introduced through Intralase femtosecond laser. This flap is then lifted after which laser is exposed, creating a customized corneal profile, covering a small portion that’s a steeper. It provides near vision focus as well as augments asphericity; the visual quality.

How Supracordiffers from PresbyLASIK?

PresbyLASIK is entirely different than Supracor and there are certain counter-effects to this treatment as well most of which are associated with night vision problems like glare, halo vision and so on. Supracor, on the contrary,doesn’t raise such disturbing side-effects and is usually a comprehensive treatment for varying visions.

Are the results immediate?

The dramatic difference can be noted immediately especially with near vision as patients who undergo the treatment claimed reading a newspaper without the need of glasses. Meanwhile, the blurry view may happen at the start which subsidizes in the weeks following Supracor.

A general survey concluded that distance vision continues to show improvements every month attaining 96 percent enhanced view in six months following the surgery.

Are you the right specimen?

A thorough consultation is required with particular consultants and surgeons having the significant expertise of various laser surgeries. The level of presbyopia is also checked before approval of Supracor Lasik. If you’re looking for the best facility with the latest equipment, consider having an eye surgery in Dubai!

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