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Spinal Fusion Surgery Treatment Costs

No doubt, India is no less than any other western country when it comes to medical treatments. You can find best of the hospitals that use the most advanced techniques of medicine to cure the patient and have great pool of world renowned doctors. That is the reason; many foreign citizens fly from other countries to get their treatment for various ailments. There is a reason for the growing popularity of India in field of medicine; Hospitals in India offer world-class treatment at very reasonable prices.

There are various medical fields which have showcased its name on the top in terms of success rate. The latest in this genre is the Neuro and Spine surgery. Hospitals in India provide comprehensive medical care for the patients suffering with brain disorders or spinal problems. Both invasive and non-invasive techniques are available for treating the patients. The spinal fusion surgery cost in India is affordable and the success rate is at par with the ones globally.

What is spinal fusion surgery?

Spinal fusion surgeryis a process to join two or more vertebrae in lower back. The surgery is a tedious process and can last several hours. In the surgery, doctors take pelvic bone and make a bridge between vertebrae. A metal implant is welded to hold the vertebrae together until the new bone is grown between them.

When do you require this surgery?

Some of the reasons for which you may require a spinal surgery are: –

  • Weak or abnormal growth of spine
  • Spinal injury
  • Slip disk or herniated disk
  • anomalous curvatures

Potential risks

Your requirement of surgery would depend on your age and overall health. Since this surgery is related to treat spinal problems, therefore there are certain risks that are involved that should be discussed with doctors before the surgery: –

  • Bone graft infection
  • Pain in graft restraining motion
  • Formulation of blood clots
  • Breakage of metal implants or fusion failure
  • Nerve injury

Post-op recovery

As stringent as it may sound, but even this kind of surgery would require you to stay in hospital for a week post-surgery. During this week, doctors would keep a check on the implants to ensure stability. Usually patients suffer quite a lot of pain in the first few days after surgery. However, with proper pain medication, the pain can be controlled. Also, if you have undergone an invasive surgery that requires incisions, then regular change of bandage will be required up till two weeks. This will help keep the wound dry and clean. Also, would not let any infections to penetrate. Patients would also need some form of exercise to make sure that you are able to daily activities without any problems.

You should never underestimate any prolonged lower back pains. Seek a doctor advice immediately if your lower back pain does not lessen even after exercises or pain killers. Remember one thing; key to a successful treatment is early and accurate diagnosis. Though the spinal fusion treatment cost in India is reasonable, yet post-operative care can be a little expensive.

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