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Positive Food and Positivity Goes Hand to Hand in Weight loss journey

Eat Raw Food As much As Possible

Aim up to at least 51% of each meal to be raw. You would not believe how easily you will start dropping those excess pounds. This is because raw have all of their enzymes and nutrients intact. As you can still get the nutrients from cooked veggies, you would not get those living enzymes.

If you want to get serious about going raw, I recommend buying a dehydrator, a nice food processor, a juicer, and a good blender. These changes don’t have to come all at once, but if you really want to dive in, try a juice fast.


Eliminate or Decrease Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol makes you fat, not only is it a toxin, it can ruin your weight loss progress. Either stop it altogether or enjoy a cocktail or a glass of red wine occasionally. Remember to stay away from any sugary concoctions. Measure out the intake and stop after 1 or 2 glasses. Try to avoid becoming intoxicated as this harms your body as well as makes your need eat unhealthy foods.


Take it slow And Steady

Being overweight is easy and fast, but do not expect all weight will come off in same time period. So lose it slowly. If you want permanent or long lasting result, take your time and perform it right. Do not rush your progress, rather enjoy the whole journey. Learn from bad weeks and celebrate good weeks.

Surround yourself with positive people.

This will really save your life. If your friends are not on the board, or down play this new lifestyle then you must get new ones. Sounds harsh, however this can make or break your weight loss goals more Visit this website LeahsFitness.Com.

When your old friends main goals are eating bad food, drinking, smoking or lying around doing nothing, then this is the time to find new friends with same healthy goals you have. If you are lucky, you may inspire many of your old friend to get healthy as well.

Positive influences around you can makes your journey quite easier. Begin a monthly clean eat and a plant based potluck. Create new Facebook page and find workout buddies. There are several of websites, groups and forums for good health. Join one of them.

Do not set yourself up the failure before you begin. Avoid calling yourself weak. Be positive and believe in yourself. Believe you will be successful and this will happen for you.

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