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How a pediatric center would guide you correctly on childhood weight gain?

Childhood obesity is a difficult thing to deal with these days. It becomes quite difficult for the parent as well as the pediatrician to handle the subject. If you consider the current data, you would be shocked to find that nearly 17% of the children between the age of two to nineteen are struggling through their obesity and this count is increasing at an alarming rate. So, it is advised that you connect with a doctor at the children’s pediatric center in Charlotte and a take an active step to protect the health of your child.

Things you should know regarding Childhood Obesity

Overcoming the excess weight cannot be your child’s problem alone. It is because he or she will not be able to overcome it on their own. Proper guidance is needed through which the child can overcome the pressures of society and have proper nutrition with less fat based food. In some cases, the tendency of being overweight is hereditary.

It is a common phenomenon that if the parents are overweight, the child is most likely to become overweight too. So, it can be said that your obesity can affect your child’s health too. Moreover, being overweight at an early age can give rise to serious health issues and complications. Being obese can increase the risk of problems in the bones and joints, can lead to sleep problems, result in high cholesterol too and blood pressure and other heart diseases.

In serious conditions, being overweight can even lead to asthma and a few types of cancers as well. So, it is advised that the parents should visit the nearest children’s pediatric center in Charlotte and help their child to get rid of excess fat.

The problems which were predominantly found in adults earlier are increasing among the kids. Majority of the weight-related issues are now very common in kids out of which heart issues are being the biggest risk factor. Apart from the health factors, overweight kids even find risk issues in social life too. They have to bear the burden of being teased or bullied that may lead to social isolation.

There are sets of questions that can be asked to the children’s pediatric center in Charlotte during the child visit. This includes questions like:

  • Is the weight of the child on the correct range as per the age and the height?
  • Should I be more concerned with regards to the size of the child?

These are the various questions that can be asked from where the pediatrician shall access the weight of the child using the height and weight that would help to calculate his body mass index. Thus BMI count would be helpful in calculating the child’s BMI percentile that can be used to compare with the other kids of the same age group. This BMI percentile helps in placing the child in a weight range that includes underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese.

The pediatrician even asks for the weight history of yourself as well as a spouse with a family health history and family eating habits. The child health care providers use all this information in deciding what is to be done as the next step if the weight of the child is outside the healthy range.

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