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Five corporate gifts that you must avoid giving

Nothing turns off a person more than a bad gift. When it comes to giving gifts, you must always think about the receiver before yourself. Will they like your gift? Is it useful for the receiver? If you give a gift that the receiver will not find use in his daily life, then your gift will go as a waste. Select a gift that will say a lot about you and your business. Your gift should reflect your business ethics. After all, you are not giving a personal gift; it is totally business at the end of the day. So, choose your gifts carefully.

For those who do not have the skill of selecting good gifts, here is a list of five gifts that you must avoid in the corporate field –

Pictures or statues of god –

Let it be clear that you must avoid any thing religious when you are choosing a corporate gift. This is because your company consists of people from all religions. It is not a set of people belonging to one religion or region. So, when you give a gift related to one religion, the others might find it offending or of no use. So, in a corporate company, avoid touching the sensitive button. Stay away from religious or regional gifts that might intimidate anyone.


Alcohol –

Yes, a few might like to receive a bottle of champagne or wine. But, remember that many women, even men do not like to drink alcohol. In fact, the teetotallers will find it really rude of you to give them alcohol. So, in a large company which houses people of different mentalities, it is good to avoid alcohol or cigarettes or any such stuff that may be considered unhealthy.

T shirts with your company’s name –

No, your employees are not going to wear them in public. In fact, some will not even wear them inside their homes. People of today are very conscious about fashion. Little do they want to go around wearing a clichéd t shirt with their company’s name etched on it? The women will probably use it to mop the floor. So, do not gift a t shirt for the festive season.

Greeting cards –

Well, your company may be going through recession and you may not have the money to buy your employees gift. If so, skip the gifting part. Tell them that the company is going through a rough patch, and things will eventually be fine hopefully. You can send a mail announcing this. Do not give greeting cards. For once, they are very cliché. Also, because they will certainly not find any purpose in this modern world where people do not save things like cards. So, send a mail and give your regards. By doing so, you will also be saving paper.

Unpackaged gift –

The packing is as much important as the gift itself. You must make sure that you have packed the gifts well. The package builds excitement and sets the message straight that you have worked hard for this whole gifting thing.

These are some of the things to keep in mind while you meet the corporate gifts suppliers to order your gifts.

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