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7 Diet and Exercise Tips for Flat Belly

As you know it is time to start talking about swimsuits and beautiful body on the beach or by the pool, as the summer is going to approach, so I will share some tips and tricks to help you achieve your target to get ready for the beach. It is true that exercise helps to shape the body, but you should do not expect that two sessions of training at the gym will produce the desired results. In fact, it also requires a good diet plan along with constant time and efforts.

Having a six pack has become one of the goals to have a ‘perfect body’ which is perhaps influenced by the image of the advertising models that look like a celebrity with flat and toned abs. For women, as age progresses and especially after having a child or due to hormonal changes, it is often seen that the belly does not disappear just by dieting, so it must be combined with adequate exercises or even perhaps with the help of some more specific treatment such as the fastest weight loss pill available in the market, but with the doctor’s prescription.

It is important not to be influenced by the magical claims or other wonders being promised as without efforts, it is almost impossible to eliminate the abdominal fat. Abdominal fat can be removed only by exercising and you need to combine it with proper diet. The abdomen is composed of the transverse muscles (straight) and obliques. The transverse, those with a grid, are located under the obliques and abdominal fat. No external fat gets burned based toning exercises or overweight, but with aerobic exercise and dieting. Some recommendations to achieve this are given below;


  1. Diet is necessary to lose abdominal fat and should never be based on restricted diet that all you get is to alter the natural functioning of the digestive system. These diets can make you lose many kilos, but they you face the rebound effect. In diet, you can use natural products as artichoke, thistle milk, chitosan, konjac, and locust or saffron to help lose weight, but all in good measure.
  2. An effective diet should not be based on eliminating all fats from the daily diet because these are necessary for the body. You should take a balanced diet in which all the nutrients the body needs for energy are included, you cannot miss whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, low-fat dairy, soy milk, oatmeal, chicken, fish, eggs and olive oil.
  3. Saturated fats, fried foods, chocolates, alcohol, desserts or sweets, marbled meats and fats should be avoided. It is important to maintain discipline the meal course of four or five times daily, trying to do so within the same time without breaking the diet.


  4. The classic exercise for abs is crunches as it helps define and tone the muscles in the area, but it does not burn abdominal fat, so you require practicing some aerobic or cardiovascular exercises.
  5. Exercise should be varied and constant instead of visiting gym once a week.
  6. The exercise session must be combined with aerobic, anaerobic and stretching. It is important that the body gets some time to recover and optimize performance. You can also include a few sessions of Pilates and yoga for better effect.
  7. It is advisable to seek advice from a personal trainer so that you can establish a training routine and follow yourself at home or in the gym lose weight quickly, and remember that to have a fit body, intense efforts and perseverance are needed.

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