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Time to Style up Your Wardrobe

Every year in fashion campaigns for men’s, it’s all about blazers or chinos, worn out jeans team together to give a macho look. It is time that you start experimenting with your closet and try to coordinate different kinds of clothing in order to give you a charming look. Below are some outfits that you can put together this year.


The first and the foremost thing to start with is the Chinos. This outfit has been part of men’s wardrobe for years. But like every year, fashion keeps changing; therefore they come and go out of fashion very easily. The look of chinos is more like a denim shirt fashion trend that keeps popping in and out of fashion campaigns. However, this year, it is time to take out your chinos and start matching with other pair of clothes discussed in the article below.

Denim Shirt

Since the look of the chinos is more like denims, you can start matching it with a denim shirt. Usually, a denim shirt would look good with same coloured denim jeans. However, this year you don’t have to worry about matching the denims together if you go for the layered look.

Nice pair of Brogues

It is often said, a status of a person is judged by the shoes they wear. Brogues have been part of fashion trends since ages. Earlier it used to known for people, who like to wear elite kind of clothing, but today, you can match them with any kind of outfit. There are ample amount of brands that manufacture these shoes and hence are always recommended to go for a designer or a branded shoe. A good quality shoe will last for a longer period of time rather for a good looking cheap pair that might look nice, however does not last for very long period.


A fine looking blazer completes the look and makes a big difference. In earlier days, men used to wear blazers with formal clothing only. But with designers racking their brains every year to bring creativity and style, blazers today can be worn with any kind of outfit, be it a jeans or casual trousers. You do not have to be restricted now to wear a blazer only if you are wearing formals. A good looking coat can be worn with a good pair of jeans and smart looking shoes.

Men’s Scarves

One of the most exciting fashion accessories that add that oomph factor to a man’s look is a good looking scarf. Scarves in yester years could only be worn in winters and did not have much style. But today, you can find plethora of designs and styles for men’s scarves as well. Therefore, you can round up all the other outfits with this one simple, yet elegant looking accessory to give you an elegant appearance. A good thing is that now you can buy men’s scarf online India as well at a very good price.

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