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The Importance of Gold Promise Rings

Rings have always had a special place in any relationship of love. Rings Build an unbreakable bond and create a sacred promise that the two people involved will always keep. Rings are a symbol of love, togetherness, and promise. They are the hope of a better future and all the impending happiness. We have seen people exchange rings on their engagement or wedding. But, before all these, there in one intimate moment when only the two people in love are involved. It is the moment when they exchange Gold Promise Rings.

Asthe name itself says, a ring is a promise of a promise of relationship and a love that is going to last forever. This is the best way to Pledge love for each other. This ring is a special ring that is the stepping stone for all the celebrations that come after the promise is made.


Significance of promise rings gold

This ring signifies that you have been spoken for. It is a symbol for other prospective people to understand that you are off limits.

This ring also a reminder for you that you are in love and you must keep the promise. It is especially helpful for couple who live long distance. They can relive the happy moments with their loved one as they remember their partner when they see the ring.

The ring is also an initiative to start the whole process of wedding. After the ring comes the engagement ring and after that comes the wedding ring.

These rings do not only promise lifelongcommitment. Different people promise different rings when they put the ring on their beloved’s finger. It may be of love, commitment, friendship, celibacy or faithfulness. These gold ringscan be given to anyone from any known person.

The history of gold promise rings for girlfriend

The history of this ring dates back to the roman civilization. In the 2nd century BC, roman brides wore these promise bands on their finger. In the 16th century in England, posy rings were worn with poems engraved on them. Also in theVictorian age, acrostic rings with words engraved on them in gemstones were gifted to loved ones. Even today, we can see many celebrities giving gold rings for girlfriend.

How to wear a gold promise rings for men

Whether it is a man or a woman, these rings are worn on the ring finger of either the left or the right hand. This is because the veins from this finger run directly to the heart. It is almost like the message of love reaches the heartdirectly from the ring. It keeps the ring and the person who gave it close to the heart. The gold rings for menrepresent lifelong vow of love and commitment from both the sexes.

We have seen many people around us give gold promise rings for him and her, whom they like. It is the most beautiful way of surrendering oneself to someone else for the entire life.

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