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How to teach maths effectively

Math is a subject of concepts and understanding. The attitude towards learning by the students depends on the teacher’s approach towards the subject. The studies say the healthy involvement of teachers in their respective subjects, helps the child to perform well in their academics and in life. However sometimes teaching math is subject to concern for many teachers.

Here are some activities for your classroom that helps to add a bit sparkle and creativity.

1) Turn math into a game: make your child consider math, not as hard work but as a game that can be played like other games. Try to find out games and activities that the child enjoys, and integrate math into it. As an example, if your child loves cricket, you can have your child to measure average, total runs, the number of the ball in over, batting average etc. Use children ‘s bodies to teach the basic of math’s. Ask students to count their fingers. Teach them in such a manner that makes your teaching fun.

2) Strategies in teaching: Teaching strategy should be based on the objective. Before creating your strategy, you must know the student’s understanding level. Give a simple test paper to your class and divide the class according to their result. In class, some students have good problem -solving abilities, while others need more attention. The below average student also, need a little more push to start the race. Make a group of that student without showing their limitations and give them an extra push.

3) Interaction and discussion:  Interactions in the class, makes the class more interesting. Give some topic of discussion in which students involve themselves. After the discussion, give some question related to the discussion. Students like to solve this kind of problem in which they feel involved. Talk with the weak students and try to figure out their area of difficulties. Take the time to ask your students about their hobbies and interests. While some interests are easier to incorporate than others, it’s important to take note of them and maximize their potential. Find a way to teach math that fit into their passion.

4) Teach students with patience: Teachers are not expected to lose patience with those students who are not disciplined, lazy and irritate other students in class.  It’s the responsibility of the teacher to create interest in their respective subjects. The best way to engage students is to give some practical work to perform. Giving the practical work keep the students busy in the subject and helps in creating an interest in the particular subjects. There is an abundance of challenging assignments that can be given from CBSE class 10 maths study material that willhelp students perform better.

5) Use social media to inspire the creativity: Today in the era of technology social media is the biggest platform to teach math to the student. When you incorporate technology into classroom instruction, students are going to have fun. Make a group on social media and share some math video that encourages their creativity. Also, suggest them to put their experiment video in social media. This kind of encouraging attitude motivates students.

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