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Preparation Checklist for UPSC Exam

UPSC exam is one of the most decisive exams in any aspirant’s life. Failure or success in the examination has an enormous impact on the career and that is the reason, students feel very nervous when the exam is just round the corner. Despite a lot of hard work and guidance from the teachers at coaching center, they have a fear in their mind.

When the exam is just a few days away, you cannot think about taking up new topics. This is the time, when the entire focus should be on the revision as your preparation for Civil Services has already reached a certain level. Some students get highly confused and find it really difficult to decide the final preparation strategy. If you are also one of them, here is the Main exam preparation checklist to guide you with your final revision.

Solve Test Papers

Instead of wasting time on new topics, you should spend more time on solving the test papers. You should solve at least 10 test papers, which you can easily get from your coaching center. There are high chances of questions coming from these question papers, as the coaching centers like Vajiram and Ravi design the test series after a lot of research.

Regular mock tests help you understand the exam pattern as well as help you improve your time management skills. You can plan out strategies to attempt a maximum number of questions in limited time.


Cover all the significant topics

As this is the final preparation, you should emphasize only on revising the topics you have already covered. Make sure you have covered every paper and main topics in the selected subject. You should revise all the topics within the paper as well. For instance, in Paper 1, History subject is divided into three parts: world, art & culture and Modern India. So, you should pay equal attention to all the parts.

Ensure that you are abreast with the current affairs

Since current affairs have due importance in UPSC exam, you should pay a lot of attention to the same. You should be updated with all the important events in the previous year. The online world has made things much easier. You can stay yourself updated with the current affairs by making notes from the newspapers and important magazines.

Be ready with the micro notes

During the final preparation, you are left with a very limited time. At this time, you cannot sit with the complete book to go through it again. The micro notes, which you prepared throughout your exam preparation, have the real importance at this time. In the limited time, you should just go through the notes, which are short and to-the-point. You should make micro notes for every subject for the final preparation.

You can also get notes from the coaching institutes to cover more topics. These notes are prepared by the experts and have all the important topics, which you might skip. Institutes like Vajiram and Ravi have dedicated a team to research and prepare easy-to-understand notes for the students.

Stay updated with the crucial magazines and reference books

Everything from NCERT books to syllabus books, newspapers, test papers and magazine, has a lot of importance in UPSC exam preparations. There are so many magazines and reference books especially printed for Civil Services aspirants. Manorama Year Book, India 2016 and other current affair magazines like Yojna, Frontline, Economic & Political weekly, are some of the options. Based on your preference, you can select a few magazines and read them regularly to stay updated with the current affairs as well as other updates essential for your exam.

These are some of the tips to make your final preparation better and boost your confidence. The revision tips are equally beneficial for the Mains exam in the limited time.

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