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The Pre-school Education in South Bangalore

Young minds are very impressionable, and it is very crucial to mould them in the right direction to facilitate their development into good human beings and successful people. The capital city of Bangalore is adequately gifted with the rise of preschools over the past decade in this department. It is very important for parents to create an environment for independent, holistic development of their kids, and this happens when the kids are moulded at the right age. There are various pre-schools in all parts of Bangalore to ensure that no stone is left unturned in that respect.

About pre-schooling in Banashankari and Koramangala

Banashankari extends over a wide stretch of land between Mysore road and Kanakapura road in south Bangalore and it is divided into 6 stages.

Koramangala is a posh and vast locality in Bangalore that boasts of boulevards, trees flanked on two sides of the road and it is 5kms away from Banashankari.

  • The top play schools in Banashankari, Bangalore follow the Montessori curriculum.
  • They also follow the Playway curriculum which is involved in engaging the child into scientifically developed playing activities, which develops his/her mind faster.
  • The skills learnt by the child due to these methodologies make admission to primary schools a cake walk because of the inquisitive attitude developed in the kids due to quality teaching.
  • Playschools in Koramangala consists of the perfect teacher to student ratio and infrastructure that make the child feel at ease and secure in their surroundings.

Prominent pre-schools in Banashankari and Koramangala.

  • Periwinkle Preschool-They focus on nature-based activities to help their children learn from nature. They believethat rote learning and stressful education leads to the downfall of the bright young minds of children. They have colourful infrastructure to create a lively environment that plants the seeds of curiosity in the minds of toddlers.
  • Head Start Montessori- This school is considered in the List of Top Play Schools in Koramangala Bangalore, and it has highly trained Montessori teachers with a campus that extends over 5 acres.
  • Smartkidz Playschool-They target the spiritual and intellectual development of students apart from academic excellence. They use music, Abacus, and drawing to make education more interesting for the kids. They follow the Waldorf and Montessori methodology.
  • Planet Bloomingdale-They work towards the development of children to turn them into good human beings that are the future of the country. They believe that inculcating discipline, good character, dedication, secularism and patriotism can lead to a sovereign, socialistic, democratic, and strong nation.
  • OI Playschool-They have a student to teacher ratio of 8:1, and they believe in a theme based curriculum that initiates an early childhood education development. They firmly believe on activity based teaching that urges children to think out of the box.
  • Gurukulam Preschool-The preschool looks after the physical and mental development of a child. They believe that each kid has their own unique way of learning and they focus on nurturing the potential of each of them.

Thus, southern Bangalore is a hub of top quality pre-school education that brings light to the future of the country.

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