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An Overview of the Scholarships Offered By the Ministry for Minority Welfare

The Government of India with the help of the Ministry of Minority Welfare has started a scholarship scheme for the welfare of the minority students. With the help of this scheme, the students of the minority group can get a lot of financial aid which will encourage them to pursue their higher studies. The Minority Scholarship has a lot of sections which will help all the meritorious students to get a chance at obtaining the scholarship. The scholarship scheme is divided into pre matric, post metric, merit cum means, girl child scholarship and fellowship schemes. With the help of such a wide variety of schemes minority students belonging to any educational program can get a chance of scholarship.

Eligibility criteria

The students have to meet the bare minimum eligibility criteria in order to get a chance at applying for the scholarship program-

· The students have to belong to any of the following minority group- Islam, Christians, Parsi, Jains, Buddhists or Sikhs.

· The family income of the student should not exceed 2.5 lakhs per annum.

· The students should be pursuing their education and should have got admission to the course on the basis of merit.

Pre Matric MOMA scholarship

The pre matric MOMA scholarship is available for the students below the 10thstandard. The pre matric scholarship can be provided to the students from class 1 to their matric level. The tuition fees of the student are paid in its entirety to the institution directly. Other than that, a maintenance fee will also be provided to the student for about 10 months. The fees will directly be transferred to the bank account connected to the Jan DhaanYojanaof the parents because the student is still a minor. The scholarship can be renewed at any time provided the student has secured at least 50% marks in the qualifying examination.

Post Matric MOMA scholarship

The post matric MOMA scholarship is available for the students who are pursuing higher education after their 10th board exams. The post matric scholarship can be available for graduation, post-graduation and even for students pursuing Ph.D. and M.Philprogrammes. The Post matric scholarship also includes complete tuition fees for the course and maintenance fees for about 10 months. However, the post matric MOMA scholarship is not available for all the courses. There is a list of courses which the Ministry of Minority Welfare has approved. Only the students pursuing those courses will be eligible for the Post matric scholarship. The tuition fees will be directly paid to the bank account of the institution and the maintenance fees will be sent to the bank account of the candidate.

Maulana Azad scholarship for Girls

This Government Approved Minority Scholarship is especially directed for the girl child belonging to the minority quota. After completion of the matric exam, the girl child will be eligible for a scholarship of Rs. 12000. In this scholarship program, the candidate will receive the first half of the scholarship, i.e., Rs. 6000 in class 11 and the next half of the scholarship, i.e., Rs. 6000 on the successful completion of class 11 i.e. when the candidate is promoted to class 12 with a minimum of 50% qualifying marks.

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