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Are You Interested In Learning The Magicians Secrets?

Magic has been around since the dawn of humankind.  In its most basic form it is simply sleight of hand, the hand is faster than the eye and magicians all around the world use this to convince you they are performing real magic.  In fact, a well rehearsed and performed sleight of hand can appear very convincing.

Are You Interested In Learning The Magicians Secrets?

Magicians Secrets

The more extreme end of the magicians repertoire involves large scale illusions and leaves everyone scratching their heads; attempting to work out how the magician has managed to complete a seemingly impossible task.  This type of illusion can prompt many people into an interest in magic and learning the magicians secrets.

The first step is to visit websites such as; this site is the home of magicians who provide entertainment for children’s parties.  The team at Magical Duda Entertainment recognizes that many children, and even some adults, will want to find out more about magic after their show.

For this reason there is a section on their website which will introduce anyone to some basic magic tricks.  Whilst these are essential easy tricks you will need to practice and perfect the sleight of hand involved in these tricks before you can move onto advanced magic.

Magic School

It may be surprising to know that there are actually magic schools in existence.  These are not schools like those you see in harry Potter, they are simply places where you can attend a course and learn more magic tricks.

They are usually run by experienced magicians who are happy to share their knowledge.  This is one of the best ways to learn as you will have experts on hand to help you master any trick and ensure you are doing it correctly.  A critical audience will ensure your standard of presentation is first class!

The magicians school will usually involve several different stages, running from beginner to expert.  You will need to work your way through all these stages to ensure you develop a good understanding of how to perform the tricks, but more importantly, the ‘magic’ behind the tricks.

It is only when you have mastered this that you will be ready to perform to a real crowd and ready for the final stage in becoming a magician and learning their secrets.


In fact, once you have completed the school you should be able to study other magicians acts and calculate how each trick is possible.  You should also be able to consider what you have learned and create new tricks which can baffle others.

Once you are capable of creating your own magic then you will know that you have learned all the magicians secrets you need.

It is important to remember that magic is all about illusion and the show, people are enthralled by what you are doing and the idea that magic is real; you should never destroy that illusion.

The best magicians will never reveal their magic secrets, but they will be visible to those who have trained in magic.  The more you watch and practice, the more you will learn and the better you will be!

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