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With over 1.25 lakh student and hundreds of research programs, Amity University has made it quite large in the education industry. According to some statistics, Amity University is the leading institution in India. Studying in a university that gives you a very good academic exposure as well as shapes up your overall personality is a privilege in itself. Amity JEE is an entrance exam that can help a person in getting admission in the Engineering wing of this prestigious university and give wings to his dreams.

Amity Joint Entrance Examination or Amity JEE is an annual exam conducted for admission in B.Tech program in the university. It is conducted in the online mode and students are supposed to select one subject combination out of the two options provided by the university. The subject combinations are PCBE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English) and PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English). Anyone seeking admission under this program needs to have a sound understanding of the subjects asked in the entrance exam in order to excel it.

With the advancing technology, studies are not just limited to books. Internet is a world of knowledge that can help one immensely. In addition to the books written by good publishers, there are a lot of mobile applications and YouTube channels that can help a student study for this AMITY JEE exam in the most interactive manner. Some of the resources to study for the exam are:


  1. NCERT textbooks: For any student in class XI and XII, NCERT textbooks are the bible. Having sound understanding of all the concepts mentioned in NCERT books prepares one for not only AMITY JEE but also for all other pristine Engineering examinations in the country.
  2. THE CONCEPT OF PHYSICS SERIES BY H.C. VERMA: H.C. Verma is a profound name in the education industry. He is well known for publishing books that reinforce the knowledge of students. With his examples sharing approach to sharing the questionnaire on every topic, students can benefit largely from his books.
  3. TRUEMAN’S ELEMENTARY BIOLOGY– Biology is a vast subject. Even after having read tones of books, the knowledge never seems to cease. The biology book by Tureman’s publications have just the right amount of context required at class XI stage of students that can help them perform well in college entrance exams.
  4. Plinth to Paramount for English- From basic language knowledge to practice intensive questionnaire, this book is the perfect amalgamation of all thus making students ready to face all kinds of entrance examinations.


  1. TOPPR– Toppr undoubtedly makes toppers. The application has a very user friendly interface and is adaptive. Students can set their daily or weekly goals and the smooth learning pace of the app will help them achieve their short term goal. Additionally, a myriad of questions on all the topics of the syllabus are available on the app for a student’s rigorous practice.
  2. AskIITIANs– AskIITians is an app originally designed for IIT aspirants. However, AMITY JEE has almost the same syllabus for core subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology and hence the app can come handy.
  3. ENGINEERING ENTRANCE– For all types of engineering entrances conducted in the nation, this app is a perfect fit for preparation. From revision of the concepts mentioned in NCERT textbooks to solving thousands of examples on every single topic, a student can benefit largely from this mobile app.


  1. KHAN ACADEMY– The beauty of this YouTube channel is that the teachers relate everything to the things happening around us daily. This helps a lot especially while studying Physics. Not only you understand the concept, but it also sticks to your mind for a very long time owing to the daily life example attached behind it.
  2. MLEARNING INDIA– This channel is all inclusive. If there is any doubt in any subject related to engineering entrance exam, simply search a video on its concept on their YouTube channel and get it resolved in no time. Additionally, there are videos on important questions of subjects like Physics, chemistry and Mathematics. A quick go through of such questions can help the students in more ways than one.
  3. IITJEE MASTER– Their videos serve more purposes than just helping the students with the concepts. The videos also tell the students how to solve a particular problem in time constraints. With 700+ videos available on their channel, you will be able to develop a quicker and better approach to solving the questions.


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