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amla juice online

Amla and Maha yog a Great Way to Good Health

People use natural products more and more these days. To understand why so many people take natural products to improve their health, one has to know about the harmful side effects of allopathic medicine. Natural food products have more benefit and absolutely no side effects.

spinal fusion treatment cost in India

Spinal Fusion Surgery Treatment Costs

No doubt, India is no less than any other western country when it comes to medical treatments. You can find best of the hospitals that use the most advanced techniques of medicine to cure the patient and have great pool of world renowned doctors. That

Plastic surgery: How to get rid of scars?

Nowadays, visiting a hospital or private clinic to meet the plastic surgeon has become so common among people of all age group from all walks of life. It is no longer associated with celebrities and victims of fire burn and accidents. Healthy individuals who are

Expander for Teeth | How it Works?

According to American Dental Association (ADA), children’ temporary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth at the age of 6 to 13. But some of the child’s jaws are not big to provide space to teeth somewhere to stay for the growth of permanent teeth. There

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