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How to use fabric softener in washing machines?

Softeners are usually oil based liquids that coat clothes and textile materials and make them scented and soft to the touch. Natural products contain plant oils, whereas traditional brands made up of synthetic and fossil-fuel based oils. In addition to making clothes soft, conditioners prolong the life of clothing after reducing the wear and tear. As fabric becomes smooth, it significantly reduces the static clinginess of clothes, while making them super soft and easier to iron.

Below I am sharing the right way of using these liquid softeners in both standard and HE washers.

  • To get the best results, always use it during final rinse cycle after washing with the laundry detergent.
  • Depending on the type of washer you are using, pick the most suitable way to use conditioner. Perhaps you are using a standard top load machine, it can be either dispensed via the dispenser present and the machine will automatically take the mixture.

Besides this, you can also use softener ball. All you need is to pour the mixture in the ball and put it in the washer at the beginning and let it toss with clothes. It is designed to release the softer during the final rinsing.

  • If you don’t want to use this ball method, you can manually add it to your machine at the time of final rinsing, most of the washer intimate users about the final rinsing round with a beep.
  • In case you are manually pouring the fabric softener, avoid transferring directly over the clothes, as it can stain them. As such products contain oils and grease, they should be diluted first in water before adding in the in the machine.
  • If you are using an HE washer, you don’t have to be confused about using it. Every model has the separate dispenser, which is capable of releasing the mixture at the right time. You can’t manually add it during rinsing; also you can’t use the ball. The only way to add conditioner is to pour the liquid into the dispenser.
  • Also, consider checking the dispenser, as it can get clogged and sticky with dried up the particle of the chemical. Clean it time to time for best results.

Can softeners be used on all kind of laundry?

Most of us have misconceptions about the suitability to use these softening products on different clothes. These conditioners are safe to use on all kind of materials from towels and microfiber to cotton. It coats the fabric with a silky film and makes it soft and fluffy. However, it should be used carefully and rightfully in the sufficient quantity. There are no benefits of using this product in excess of quantities, as excess can destroy the material. Moreover, always follow the wash care instructions before putting the clothes in the machine. Also, check the label of the product to get a clear idea about how it should be used.

Summary: Fabric softeners are extremely useful products that not only bring back the freshness of clothes but also make them soft and comfortable to wear and use especially for those who are suffering from eczema and skin allergies

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