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Unique Ways to Decorating Easter Egg

Easter is now just a few days away and people have started surfing more creative ideas to deck the party place with. Let’s celebrate this fun celebration using Egg decoration. We have given most important and meaningful tips for how to deck Easter Eggs. These are very simple but unique designs you can make at home only. So please refer it here.

Decorate with candies:

It’s a most flavored platter you can deck on the dinner table in fashion. This is so easy that you can make it at home, only using simple ingredients of cocoa powder, butter and condensed milk. Just mix it well in the low flame hit. Once gets thicken take it out in one bowl, and roll down in egg shape once come into the room temperature and lastly the fun part, cover it with multicolor candies and sprinkles. You can also refer to this link to Send Easter Chocolate online.Decorate-with-candies

Glitter Eggs:Glitter-Eggs

For making glittering and sparkling eggs you will need eggs, egg blower, powdered glitters both silver and golden, glue paintbrush and wax paper. Pierce end of egg with pin and break the yolk. Rinse all the moisture’s inside and let it dry. Now paint the glue with a paint brush on it and sprinkle the glitters on both sides. Let it dry on wax paper and use it for multipurpose decoration.

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Decorated with melted Crayons:Decorated-with-melted-Crayons

This requires just your soft hands to paint the crayons on eggs. Get the eggs and boil it into the water for 12 to 15 minutes. Your time starts now, paint the eggs with different color crayons. Your egg with melted crayons is ready to surprise the guests. Let it cool down. Your melted crayons eggs are ready to for the Eggs travaganza dinner table.

Decorated with Temporary Tattoo:Decorated-with-Temporary-Tattoo

There are unlimited Temporary Tattoo available in the market. You just need to stick it on the hard boiled eggs. Or else you can use artistic kinder joy eggs and decorate temporary tattoo on it.

Use shaving cream:Use-shaving-cream

Here you will need a shaving crème and color drops which you will like to choose. For the rainbow appearance you can put the drops of different colors in it. Mix it well with toothpick. Dip your egg in colored shaving crème and Let it dry on the wax paper.  Your fun DIY colored egg is ready.

Add more light with colorful tissue decoration:Tissue-decoration

It’s a simple and very cheap idea to décor eggs with tissue. You just need multicolor tissue paper. You can also use printed tissues if you wish. Take one egg shaped bowl and paint it with glue. Now cut the
small square pieces of tissues. Slowly stick all the square tissue pieces on it. Let it dry.

Lacy Egg Decoration Idea:Lacy-Egg-Decoration-Idea

This is very simple craft you can do with the help of your children. You just need a colored less matches with colored eggs. Take a colored egg and tie the round surface with attractive lace. If you wish you can also use glue to stick it properly. For more attractions you can also use embroidered lace, diamond lace, and silk ribbon to make attractive designs on it.

Go wild with chalkboard paint:chalkboard-paint

The edible chalkboard paint idea is also a good source of giving a stunning outlook to eggs. You can use black fondant covered in hard boiled eggs. Now start writing name by using white sugar icing chalk. You can also use some other colored edible chalk to paint and craft you wish to.

Cover with sprinkles:Cover-with-sprinkles

It’s much easier and simpler way to shine the Easter with the golden egg. For this you require paint brush, glue and useful silver and golden sprinkles. Take hard boiled egg and paint glue with the help of paint  brushes. Now roll out egg into the silver or golden sprinkles. Now let this dry for some time. Your golden egg is ready to shine the party place.

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