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Visiting The Beauties On The Fringes Of Dharamsala

For some, Himalayan towns like Dharamsala might appear remote. But if you look carefully there are some uncharted beauties waiting to be explored. If you wonder what lies beyond the fringes of Dharamsala, then you’re really in for some treat. Read on to know more about the hidden beauties that you can explore near Dharamsala.

Dharamsala is surrounded with some of the most underrated offbeat places, leaving them at your discretion to explore. The city also has some beautiful resorts and hotels. Packed with all the modern facilities, the Dharamsala hotels and resorts are perfect to spend few days in the serene atmosphere of a Himalayan town. Let’s take a look at some of the well­known tourist places near Dharamsala.

Bir and Billing -­ These two villages are situated at some 60 km from main Dharamsala and are perfect to spend a short trip when it gets crowded. These two superbly beautiful picturesque villages are extremely famous for paragliding. Touted as one of the best places to go for paragliding in Asia, it provides a totally new experience if you’re done street shopping in Mcleodganj and Dharamsala. Apart paragliding, hiking and camping, the village is also home to two Buddhist monastery, known as Chokling and Palpung Sherabling. Located just 3­4 hours from Dharamsala, they are a perfect getaway if you’re looking for a solitary experience.


Palampur – ­ Located at a short drive of two to three hours, lies the beautiful town of Palampur. Known to be a fantastic place to relax away from the city’s clutter, the village­town has an abundance of tea estates, campsites, hiking trails and few monasteries. Palampur is not one of those overcrowded places in Himachal and you can enjoy your time strolling the tea estates, relishing the local culture and the food or just stargazing besides your camp. Don’t forget to visit the Tashi Jong Monastery which is one of the most famous monastery in the region.

Barot – If you’re looking for place with hardly any attraction other than the nature itself, then Barot is the place to be. An extremely pleasant hill station, it takes around three hours to reach Barot from Mcleodganj. Since there’s nothing much to see, you can just go on stroll through the terraced field and oak forest and build your own hiking trail. If you like fishing, you can try your hands by the banks of the the beautiful, little Uhi river, famous for its trouts.

Chamba -­ A perfect paradise for the offbeat travelers, this stunning village/town is fantastic getaway. Located at a distance of some 130km from Mcleodganj/Dharamsala, it walks in its own pulse. You can enjoy camping on the green slopes of the Himalayas, visit the ancient temples, go for walk through the rolling meadows and immerse yourself in the local folklores. Chamba, the land of Gods, may appear a little mystical but carries an enticing charm to keep you spellbound.

Few kilometers away from the town centre, lies the lovely, green paradise known as Khajjiar. Famously known as ‘Mini­Switzerland’, Khajjiar is a great spot to enjoy the view of lush green meadows and a beautiful spring­fed lake. The entire scenery may seem like a little hobbit land and is soothes your mind with noiseless atmosphere.

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