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Top things to do in Delhi after sundown

There is no restriction to the things you can do in a city like New Delhi. The city is an incredible visit at whatever time of the year leaving aside the great climatic conditions. The national capital will demonstrate to you an extraordinary time paying little heed to your purpose of visit.

Not everybody can have the advantage of going to a destination and go for touring the entire day for the whole time they are there. Some may have gone by for their own work whilst some on a business travel. On the off chance that you have arrived on a business trip, it is very far-fetched that you will have the capacity to make some time out to go out amid evenings, not to mention the morning and daytime. Which is the reason we have listed out a rundown of the best places to visit in Delhi at night.

India Gate

 India Gat

India gate, the primary historic point of Delhi and whose photo you see on postcards and stamps and on the front of each travel visit bundles for New Delhi. This spot is best gone to during the evening when the landmark is lit up and you get an impeccable perspective of the lofty landmark. It is scarcely gone to amid the daytime by guests, and as the sun begins setting, road nourishment merchants begin lining up their trucks and the spot is swarmed with new confronts all around. Peddlers approach you to see their products and individuals with cameras approach you to have a photograph taken, just about demanding, for an ostensible sum and a quick print of a printed copy of the photograph.

Lotus Temple

Stitched Panorama

Stitched Panorama

Most likely one of the best places to visit amid the night in Delhi, the Lotus Temple, as it seems to be, is flawlessly lovely amid the day, however, the temple turns out to be significantly all the more stunningly wonderful by dusk when the entire temple is lit up splendidly. It is a sight you esteem for whatever remains of your life and a minute you can’t avoid to catch in your camera.

Dilli Haat


The one social spot in New Delhi you can visit 365 days of the year. With an ostensible passage expense of INR 20 for every individual, this little critical point of interest destination in New Delhi can take all of you around India and back. This spot has a nourishment slow down from the whole way across India and every state serves their own particular claim to fame. You can likewise search for different social clothing and different embellishments and house stylistic themes.

Hauz Khas Village


In the event that you ask any adolescents what their most loved things to do in Delhi during the evening, most of the normal crowd would reply saying they would like to spend the night partying at Hauz Khas Village. This spot in New Delhi is a urban village of solid road set apart by structures with bars and pubs completely. Weekdays or weekends, there is alway something going ahead in this a player in the city, however to get the best possible feel of the spot, visit it amid the weekends, and of course during the evening!

If you have time on your hands, you can always visit the historical sights during the daytime and head to these places at night!

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