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Top 5 adrenaline pumping activities to try in Bangalore

Some city offer much more than it seem to appear in the outside. Bangalore Is one such city. Glitzy and fancy on the exterior, you may think this city is all about expensive cost of living and expensive places, but look deeper and you will see there is a large scope for budget travel in the city and exciting things you can do!

Bangalore is one of the most exciting cities in India. The thought of it itself brings about an excitement to anyone. There are numerous things you can go about your trip to Bangalore. From a trip of sightseeing, religious visit or a fun backpacking travel. Unknown to many, Bangalore is also an exciting city to try some adrenaline pumping activities. You can easily catch one of the trains to anywhere in India if you are on a budget travel. Simply check the status of the trains online by putting in say, 18464 running status and the online search will return with the timings and status of the train helping you know your date and time of travel to make your bookings accordingly. If you are still skeptical of the idea of having a fun outdoor activity filled holiday in Bangalore, here are some things that may change your perception of the city.

Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is one of the most exciting outdoor activities to do in Bangalore. Strenuous as it is, the effort you put it will be worth every drop of sweat! This activity also tests your endurance and stamina which is one reason that this activity is getting more famous.



This action will move you over – literally. You will be cased in an inflated round ball. The ball is straightforward. Inside the ball you are very much padded against the bounces and movements outside. On the off chance that you are the compelling sorts, you can move down a rock filled slope in this inflatable ball.


There is no preferred experience over lounging around a bonfire and chilling with companions. Not only that, you can do a lot of outdoor exercises in Bangalore when outdoors. This action reverberating affects you. The recollections that you bring from this experience merit appreciating for a very long time.



White water rafting is the most exciting and adrenaline pumping activity you can do in the city. You have to explore hurrying waters and stay above water. It is unquestionably not for individuals who are frightened of wavering waters. You will have to venture a little far from the city to try this, but once there, you will realise the travel was worth it.


ATV dirt riding


ATV, for those who do not know, means All-Terrain Vehicle. It is those four wheel monster quad bikes you see people riding on TV and movies normally rode on a rough, dusty, rocky or muddy surface to make the experience more thrilling and exciting. You will be given to do a trial run initially and given some pointers. Finally, you will need to put on all the safety gears and you can get on with it!

Each of these activities are as exciting as they sound. Don’t forget to book train tickets online for you and your friends in advance to ensure you get a comfortable seat for yourselves. Try to get in as much people as possible for this trip. The more the merrier!

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