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Have the time of your lives in the land of pharaohs

Egypt or the official Arab Republic of Egypt is a popular Mediterranean country that is located in southwest corner of the largest continent Asia. It is a transcontinental country, meaning that is located on two continents- Asia and Africa. Egypt is known all over the world for its historical shreds of evidence, majestic pyramids, tombs, culture, historical places etc. Egypt is probably the sole bearer of the earliest civilizations and mankind evolution.

Although Egypt is generally associated with deserts and pyramids but there is more to it. Tourism in Egypt is huge with over a million people visiting the country every year to explore and experience a country indulged with such rich history.

Travel and tourism:


Egypt has some of the world’s most beautiful water bodies and beaches including the world famous red sea with coloured coral reefs and rare fishes. Another famous beach is the Akba Gulf beaches that provide facilities for various sea sports and activities. One of the top tourist locations is the Safaga which tops the Red Sea zone with some of the most beautiful locations on the Suez Gulf, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, which is also known as world’s greatest open-air museum, Dahab, Ras Sidr, Marsa Alam, Safaga and the north-coast of the Mediterranean area, are major tourist’s destinations for tourism. Egypt also has stupendous Islamic architecture and beautiful mountains. Places like Al-Azhar Park, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, The Egyptian Museum, Egyptian National Military Museum, Giza Museum, Suez Canal Bridge, The Church of The Virgin Mary, Ismailia, Muizz Street, Suez canal, The Mosque of Muhammad Ali, The 6th of October Panorama etc. makes Egypt a must visit. Other historical places that you should definitely explore in Egypt include the great pyramid; Giza Necropolis, Great Sphinx, along with the ruins of some of the pharaohs like Memphis, Thebes, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings. Egypt is not only famous for its history but also for its cinema, arts, cuisines, festivals and sports.  Did you know that football is the favourite national sport of Egypt?


If you are a history student or you love to explore places with vibrant history and stories then Egypt is the place for you. Each city has something unique to offer that will fulfil your historical cravings. Egypt is the land of pharaohs and pyramids which depicts the rich culture derived from the ancient civilizations. Scientists and archaeologists have studied the remains and tombs over the years to understand how the people lived in the archaic times. Their findings include some of the earliest developments of agriculture, urbanization, writings and organised religion and also the central government, which makes Find a Tour Guide in Egypt a stand out from other countries.

Egypt is associated with deserts and pyramids but there are other tourist attractions which are equally enthralling and are sometimes looked over. To make the most of your trip and have a time of your lifetime, do make sure that you book a reliable and trustable travel and tour guide. He will not only show you around the city but will ensure that you gain experience and knowledge both. So clear out your schedules and plan out a fun trip to Egypt.

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