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Prepare and Protect Your Home before a Vacation

Going on a vacation is simultaneously exciting and stressful for some people. While they’re looking forward to having a nice time, relaxing and enjoying themselves, they also fear whether something’s going to happen to their home while they’re away. Break-ins and thefts are now more common than ever, and burglars seem to target the easiest victims, i.e. those who can’t stand in their way. When planning a vacation, be sure to prepare your home accordingly and do what you can to make it safe. Here’s how.

Prepare the Place

If you’re going to be absent for some time, your home will notice it – dirty laundry, soon to be expired food, uncollected mail and unattended plants are just some of the problems you’re facing, so you’d better prepare for them. Start by cleaning out the fridge: check the expiration dates and get rid of all the items that will go bad before you return. Do the same with items like milk, juice and cream, as keeping them in the fridge for too long is never good, regardless of the expiration date.

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After that, move onto laundry. You’ll probably wash everything you’re taking with you, but go the extra mile and wash and put away everything else as well, even though you’ll leave it at home. Finally, make sure you’ve unplugged all your appliances, shut off the water heaters, turned off all water valves, watered the plants, found someone to collect your mail and left a few lights on so that your home looks occupied even in your absence.

Monitoring from Afar

Not being at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye on it. The development of technology allows us to monitor our residences from wherever we are, and all we need is a handful of strategically placed video cameras and an Internet connection. Installing a home security system might seem pricey at first, but knowing that there’s something surveilling and recording every move made at your home while you’re away has no price.

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If you’re looking for a cheaper way to monitor your home, you can choose a DIY system using an old phone’s camera. After downloading the proper app and finding suitable spots to place the phone, start streaming the signal from this home-made security system onto your new phone.

A Friend in Need

If you can’t rely on technology, find someone you can trust. Asking a friend, relative or neighbor to look after your home might upset a delicate friendship or family dynamic, but it’ll definitely help you. They don’t need to do much: driving by your house or swinging by your apartment every other day to make sure everything’s in order will be enough. Or, if they prefer, they can even walk in and have a look around – you surely won’t mind the extra care.

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Again, there’s an alternative for those who don’t have someone to rely on or don’t want to ask for favors. Lots of people today are into house sitting and don’t have a problem paying someone to look after their house while they’re away. This service can even include taking care of your pets and maintaining your garden, which is equally important, so that your rhododendrons and your dog don’t notice you’re missing.

Other Ideas

Some of the other things you should do before going on a vacation is hide the spare keys, pause the distribution of your newspapers and hire someone to clear the snow from your driveway. Finally, don’t let your Facebook or Twitter friends know you’re away – you can never know if there’s a burglar spying on you that way.

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