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Portland travel tips

In the northwestern part of United States of America, there is one of the most greened cities in the country, called Portland (Oregon). The motto of the city is the phrase “Keep Portland weird!”, so the residents of the city totally cope with this task: here you can meet people in strange costumes and with blue beards, you can see bike races, which contestants are riding naked, and many more weird things.

It is rather an unusual American city, which distinctive features are big love for beer (there are about 70 breweries here), coffee (there is a huge amount of different coffee houses in Portland) and cycling (despite the rainy weather for 8 months of the year, Portland managed to become the city with the highest percentage of cyclists in the country). The main entertainment in the city of Portland can be called just walking. When you are in the greenest city of the USA, you surely have to visit parks and forest areas.


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The architecture of Portland harmoniously fits into the layout, which allows you to admire both the man-made objects and the nature.

Portland Airport has become the best airport in the US for several years. Everything is simplified here, the arrival and departure halls are combined, which reduces the time spent for passing the customs and other preflight procedures. There you can use Wi-Fi facility.In addition, you can use here an opportunity of Portland car rental under 25 years. Keep on reading and you will find out some more useful information about Portland!

  1. In general, the description of the climate in Portland can be divided into 2 parts: summer, and the rest of the rainy months. In summer it is hot enough in the city, the temperature can rise to + 35-40 ° C. The city is also very beautiful in the beginning of autumn (September, October).

Nevertheless, summer is one of the most favorable periods. The advantage of visiting Portland in the period from May to September is the opportunity to see all the diversity of the city’s symbol – roses. Here is the ‘International Rose Test garden’, where you can see different varieties of roses.

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A nice bonus of this garden is that the entranceis free. Every year at the festival “Gold Medal of the City of Portland”, the award is givenfor the best new variety of roses. Nominees are judged by the following parameters: strength, resistance to disease, color, petals, leaves, shape and smell. Winners get a seat in the Gold Medal Garden. Another section of the garden is dedicated to miniature roses.

  1. If you are in Portland from May to October, then you should go on a free tour of Portland – ‘Secrets of Portlandia’. The local resident Erik Kennon, just for a tip, holds these excursions every day. You can join the group at 11.00 on Pioneer Square. This is a good opportunity to see the secret places of Portland, learn interesting historical facts in an informal and fun atmosphere. Depending on the season, there could be some changes in the schedule.
  2. Pearl District is one of the most charming areas of Portland. Here everything can be reached on foot. Cobbled streets remind of the past, and innovative constructions and all kinds of catering establishments anticipate the future. Here the cultural life of the city is concentrated. You can spend the whole night here: in this area, the largest in the US number of coffee bars per square meter are concentrated.
  3. The food industry is the most progressive one in this city. Portland has repeatedly received awards for its food industry (including the CNN award for the best city in the world for street food). There are many street food points of purchase of the highest quality here. In addition, brewing and coffee business are well-developed in Portland.
  4. Despite the fact that Oregon is a northern state, it is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, so you definitely need to come to the beach! In an hour’s drive from Portland, you can reach the small town of Cannon beach, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful coastal cities by the version of ABC News, and in 2013 by the version of National Geographic it was named one of the 100 most beautiful places in the world.
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The same-named Cannon beach is situated in this town.

  1. There are two beautiful streets, which should be definitely visited in Portland. Alberta Street stretches out in Northeast Portland, among residential buildings. The whole street is filled with small galleries, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and shops with clothes and shoes from eco-materials. It is better to come here on a sunny day to have a beer on the bench at the food court, looking at the graffiti on the walls and on the Portlanders, who are passing by in unusual clothes. The second street is the Mississippi Avenue. Conceptually, it does not differ from Alberta Street: nice cafes and bars, barbershops, galleries. It is in another area, but still in the west side. There are lovely stores with vintage stuff- vintage photos, dresses, boxes, postcards, suitcases, perfumes and creams, decorated in vintage style.



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