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Plan a Sundarban Tour To The Largest Mangrove Heritage Forest

Plan a Sundarban Tour

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the verdant Sundarban is without a doubt the best haunt for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. This wildlife sanctuary spans across a wide area of Bangladesh, while in India it is spread across the West Bengal state.

The mangrove forest is renowned as the habitat of the rare Royal Bengal Tiger. A well planned Sundarban Tour should let you have a glimpse of various other animal species that call this natural habitat their home- leopards, cobras, crocodiles, turtles, and birds like Grey Headed Lapwing, Mangrove Whistler, are to name a few.


Best time to visit Plan a Sundarban Tour

If you are planning a Sundarban Travel adventure, then it is essential that you keep the timing of the year in mind. Definitely avoid the summer season as the heat can be unbearable. Rainy monsoon season is best avoided too as it is common to experience disruptions caused by heavy rain and flooding.

Winter time is the best to experience the Sundarban in all its glory. Try planning your Sundarban Tour from the October-March time period.


Sundarban Package Tour

How to reach

The national park is located about 130 km away from West Bengal’s capital city- Kolkata. The nearest railway station of Canning can be reached from Kolkata by a two hour ride by train. To reach the Sajnekhali entrance of the Sundarban National Park one would be required to take a boat or you can even reach the park by road.

The best option is to get a pre made Sundarban Package Tour that includes your stay as well as the to and fro travel. You can pick from various packages that include 2 Night 3 Days tour, 1 Night 2 Days tour and more. Do make sure that you check the details of the packages before booking to know about the pricing.


Accommodations to pick from

Thanks to the constant influx of tourists around the year, the Sundarban is lined with a variety of luxurious and eco-friendly resorts that make your Sundraban travel experience worthwhile. Here are some of the famous accommodations that you can take your pick from:


Sundarban Gateway Resort



  • Sundarban Tiger View Point
  • Sundarban Mangrove Retreat
  • Mangrove Wild Homestay
  • Sundarban Gateway Resort
  • Solitary Nook
  • Tiger Land Resort

Attractions to visit


Sundarban Travel


The gorgeous mangrove forest is lined with tourist attractions that can be accessed by boats. One does need to have a proper permission taken from the government in order to visit these places.

The most popular attractions at the Sundarban are various watch towers which are used to view wildlife. Some of the famous watchtowers are:

  • Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower
  • Dobanki Watch Tower
  • Sajnekhali Watch Tower
  • Burirdabri Watch Tower
  • Netidhopani Watch Tower


Sundarban Tourist Launch


A comprehensive Sundarban Package Tour should also include a visit to the following attractions: Kalash Dweep, Sundarban Mudflats, Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project, Lothian Island, Haliday Island.


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