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The Necklace Road, Pride of Hyderabad: A Must Visit

The Pearl City is famous for a number of monuments and its cuisines, and one can not leave it, without having a nice treat with them. Well, Hyderabad has much more than that. Its Necklace Road, is a must trot, every time and anytime you visit Hyderabad.

If you are worried about how to reach Hyderabad, then there are a number of flights running to Hyderabad, each day. New Delhi to Hyderabad flights are available every four hours. So, book your tickets fast, and make way to witness beauty at its best, with the most enchanting Necklace Road.

The long boulevard, extending from NTR Gardens to Sanjeevaiah Park, adjoining the exquisite Hussain Sagar Lake is a replica of the famous Marine Drive of Mumbai. The reason for its name is crystal clear; it resembles like a queen’s necklace at night, when the road jazzes up with street lights and lights from nearby places, restaurants and of course, the vehicles!

Set your car engines on and fasten your seat belts to go for a long drive with your significant other at the Necklace Road. What could be more romantic than driving on the world-famous Necklace Road, which seems so quintessential, especially at night that it will make you fall in love, over and over again. Playing the playlist of the romantic songs of nineties in your long drive would be like, rose bouquet, with chocolates in it!


The entire stretch of the road, is dotted with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and other recreational areas, where one can appease his senses to the utmost.

Along the Hussain Sagar Lake, is the Sanjeevaiah Park, whose charm amplifies with the view of the lake surrounding it. Also known as Lover’s Park, it is quite a popular spot among the couples, who wish to grab some cosy, peaceful and private moments with each other. Walk hand in hand at this peaceful park, and get ready to experience immense joy and bliss. The multitude of rose variety grown here, is bound to rejuvenate your romance and its aroma will fill your love-life, beautifully! There is also a Rock Garden here, which has a number of rock structures of different shapes and patterns.

Another popular park, Jalavihar Park is centered in the middle of the Necklace Road. If you are picnicking with your family, then this park is a perfect spot for you. A swimming pool, amusement games and other water rides, are bound to brim you with endless fun and entertainment. Again, an excellent place to recreate and revive yourself.

The tranquility experienced, viewing the Buddha Statue, is a treat for all the roadside romeos! So, must not miss it.

If you happen to visit the road during dusk, then consider yourself lucky, as the enthralling beauty of the sunset at the Hussain Sagar Lake will make you drop your jaws, and fill your hearts with extreme calmness and serenity. The masterpiece fs a painting can be painted here by an artist. So, if you too have a painting geek, then hunt down to find a perfect place to paint the sunset at this lake.

You must also visit the People’s Plaza, a host for majority of events like music shows, exhibitions and other sports activities. Do not forget to gorge on at the eateries, located at this Necklace Road, one of the best places to visit in Hyderabad. You won’t return disappointed. Rest assured.

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