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IRCTC- Simplifying the Process of Online Booking

You would have heard that IRCTC has simplified the process of online booking in recent time. Do you know the reason for this? Well, if you are not aware of the reason then let us tell you that the reason for this is the fact that IRCTC recently launched a new website which is also known as IRCTC Next Generation Website. This website has a new user-friendly interface and we will now tell you the reasons why this new interface has simplified the process of Online Ticket Booking.

Why IRCTC Next Generation Portal has simplified the Process of Online Booking?

  • One Login for All – So, the best part about IRCTC Next Generation Portal is that it lets you use your IRCTC Login ID to book air tickets, rail tickets, hotels, domestic packages, international packages and many other services. This is so far the best feature of IRCTC and this is right, you can use your IRCTC Next Generation Login details to avail any type of services from IRCTC. What else could one have asked for?
  • No Login required for checking Availability – Another reason why IRCTC has made it easy to book a ticket is that you can now check the ticket availability without logging into your IRCTC account. This adds to a lot of convenience and a lot of people feel that the complications regarding the ticket booking have been reduced with help of this. Apart from checking availability, you do not need to login to your IRCTC account to book a meal, book a cab, book a wheelchair and check PNR status.
  • Vikalp & CNF Probability – This new feature is helping the passengers in making the decisions about their travel. The CNF Probability helps the user in understanding the chances of their ticket being confirmed if there is a waitlist. This is quite an amazing stuff, to begin with. So, if you see that the changes are quite high then you can certainly proceed with the booking but if you notice that the CNF probability is low then you can look for an alternative. In such a case, you can also use Vikalp Scheme to find alternatives.
  • More Features and Services – This is not just all about IRCTC. It has added many other services to make the travel easy. Once such a service is booking a cab. You can also book a retiring room with help of IRCTC website and the list of service is endless. You surely need to visit the website to check these services.
  • Payment Modes – There are many payment modes added to the IRCTC portal and this also includes IRCTC e-Wallet. You can also save the details of up to 6 bank accounts which can be handy while booking the tickets.

These are some of the reasons why IRCTC has made it easy to book the tickets and other such services. You can experience this amazing interface by visiting and you will certainly feel that this is the best interface launched by IRCTC until now.

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