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Explore the lesser known hill stations of Uttarakhand this vacation!

Uttarakhand, it is popularly known as “Land of Gods”. On your first trip to this state, you would accept the same. This state is blessed with a few incredible hill stations. Here under, we present you a few hill stations of this state. Probably, you may not have heard about a few of these before, but they are worth visiting.

Askot: It is quite popular for the Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary. This small Himalayan town is situated between Dharchula and Pithoragarh. The beauty of the dense forests and deep valleys is truly breathtaking. Located at an elevation of 1106 meters above the sea level, it has the famous Himalayan peaks Chiplakot and Panchuli on its backdrop. The best time to visit Askot is in the months of July and September. Prominent places to visit in Askot are sanctuary, Narayan Swamy Ashram and Jauljibi.

Kausani: On your visit to Kausani, you will feel that Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that it is “Switzerland of India”. It has a huge popularity for its magnificent panoramic view of snow capped Himalayan peaks. We suggest you start your trip in Kausani by visiting the location among the dense pine forests and valleys. This is one of the amazing spots you can ever find in Kausani.  The major tourists’ attraction spots of Kausani are Rudhradhari Falls and caves and Lakshmi Ashram.

Lohaghat: This hill station in Uttarakhand has a majestic beauty that it is often compared with Kashmir. The spot on locations of Lohaghat are its beautifully carved temples. It has an immense importance in the mythological and historical aspects. The Mayavathi Temple and Advait Ashram are always flooded with pilgrims. Apart from these places, a few other must-visit locations here are Abbott Mount, Devidhura temple and Pancheswar.

Ranikhet: When you trip Uttarakhand, the first place we suggest you to visit is Ranikhet. This tourists destination has a wide popularity all the over world for its scenic beauty. The name Ranikhet literally means Queen’s meadow. It is enveloped with dense forests and has a rich wildlife. There are many other places in and around Ranikhet, which are worth visiting. Hence, when you reach out for a hotel in Ranikhet, make sure to spend enough time to explore all such locations.

Chopta: It is popularly known as “Mini Switzerland” in Uttarakhand and is one of the most visited hill stations in the state. The tranquility of the atmosphere, the cover of green trees everywhere helps you to gain your peace of mind. Since a long period of time, this place was untouched. However, with the growing increase of tourists flow in the state, this place has gained significance.

Munsiyari: Located on the foothills of the Himalayan ranges, this small hill station of the state experiences the best climate in the state. The name clearly depicts that it’s a place filled with snow. It offers a great opportunity for the mountaineers and adventure lovers. One of the significant attractions of this place is the trek to Khalia Top.

There are many good resorts in Ranikhet, which can fill your leisure time with fun and entertainment. They also provide you the necessary guidance to make your trip fruitful.

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