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Enjoy spectacular autumn in Hungary

Many out there are persuaded to apply for Hungary citizenship by investment only after spending enthralling autumn evenings in Budapest. The city wears a colourful blanket of scarlet and white leaves that looks amazing in the late afternoon light. The very air is fresh that motivates you to linger in the warm outdoor baths, bars and wine cellars. The typical summer crowd ebbed away so you can easily roam the parks and museums without shoving anyone. Here’s how to explore Budapest at its best in the season.

Cultural blast at the CAFe Budapest Festival

Music and literature are Budapest’s lifeblood. Some of the most prominent cultural icons that brought a tremendous change lived here namely Béla Bartok, Franz Liszt and the writer Sándor Márai. To cherish the best of cultural heritage, autumn is the ideal time as the city beats with music, theatre and art from the renowned CAFe Budapest Festivalthat takes place in October. More or less 40 venues across the city host live music, theatre, art exhibitions, radiant performances and so on.

Previously known as Budapest Autumn Festival; the CAFe Budapest calls for 110 additional events to which Hungarian pay great tribute. The real thrill is participating in the innovative art scene that’s a superb fusion of jazz, rock, opera, belle and even circus acts. The Art Market proudly showcases brilliant work from more or less 500 artists, photography exhibition that also includes a statue display by the name “sCULTURE”.

Soothe your body & soul in bathhouses

There’re around 118 hot springs giving rise to some of the most extraordinary spas and pools across Budapest. The typical autumn breeze motivates tourists as well as locales to dip in the mild baths that really soothes the body and mind. Medical research also indicated that thermal pools are an excellent therapeutic source for various physical and psychological strains so that’s another pro.

Enjoy wacky transport & unusual sights

While you’ve all year to enjoy some of the prettiest sights in Budapest, autumn adds a little hint of excitement and unusualness that’s absolutely welcoming. The neoclassical Basilica of St. Stephen boasts a mummified right hand that’s draped in jewels and sparkles. Tour the city by Segway or Trabant that’ll introduce wry nostalgia.

Budapest’s green spaces are worth pondering

The short days and fresh autumn breeze stirs up the meditative side of every traveller. The Memento Park is where you can marvel at famous Soviet leaders such as Marx, Lenin and many others that are completely draped in green along with the rest of 10 kilometre space to the southwest. A massive hourglass installed in 2004 known as Budapest’s Timewheel is worth taking a look. Walk through the Kerepesi Cemetery that’s the oldest and final resting place of countess great Hungarians passed over the centuries. It covers almost 56 hectare having that typical feel of sculptured garden with remarkable statues and impressive tombs.


Let the above details motivate you to apply for Hungary Investor Residency Bond Program and citizenship by investment which is an ultimate chance to enjoy the autumn charm every year.

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