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A Divine Walk of Delhi’s Most Spiritual Places

Traveling any city is more like an art. You can enjoy the very best of the city only if you tap into the heart of the people, culture, and various spaces itself. That is what separates a traveller from the tourists. Tourists, go just to see the places. On the other hand, a traveller’s goal is always to feel the place and people living there. They only choose those places which can touch their soul and redefine their meaning of life.

Some of the tour packages to delhi focus on these types of travellers and make sure they feel satisfied at the end of the tour. The places that are mostly preferred by the travellers in Delhi are Akshardham, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, and the beautiful Lodhi Garden.

Here are the reasons why people prefer these places to visit.

  1. Appreciate Tremendous beauty of Akshardham Temple

Situated on the bank of Yamuna, Akshardham Temple tells the story of the Hindu culture. Known as the world’s largest Hindu temple, Akshardham has been beautifully built according to the Vastu Shastra. Various statues and designs on the architecture steal your heart the moment you get the first glance from the grand entrance of the temple. There are three exhibition halls for visitors and a huge I-Max Theatre, which displays the devotional movies of Hindu lords. All in all, it can be said that this place should be visited in order to experience, worship, and educate yourself about the Hindu culture.akshardham

  1. Experience the art of giving at the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Sikhs are known to be very kind and believe in the giving and helping other people. The Gurudwara Bangla Sahib presents you a picture of the kindness of the devotees. One can see people working together in the various sections of the place. Providing water to the thirsty and giving Prasad to everyone, all these things are done by the locals only out of devotion. They believe that helping others is the best way to reach out to God.

Apart from the religious devotion, the Gurudwara is also famous for its grand structure, as it was the palace of Raja Jai Singh. The mesmerizing pond in the middle of the white place looks amazing,but the real beauty can only be felt in the praying hall. The place also has a hospital, library and secondary school for the people of any caste or religion.


  1. The rejuvenating Qawwali at HazratNizamuddin Dargah

It is said that music is the most amazing way to find the God in your soul. And this saying becomes true at HazratNizamuddin. When the Sufi singers come together to mix their voice with the scent of flowers and hustle of crowd buying and selling chaddars, the devotees can feel the

God in their body. The boundaries of religions get diminished and all become one, both the Gods and the devotees.


  1. Enjoy the serenity at Lodhi Gardens

Finally, the delhi local tour packages take you to the Lodi Gardens to sit and relax around the flowering trees, beautiful ponds, and eye pleasing fountains.


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