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Discover your adventurer soul in Jammu and Kashmir

After hearing a lot about the immense natural beauty of the place, I planned to visit the mesmerizing land of Jammu and Kashmir. Home to snow covered mountains, sparkling water bodies and lush greenery, it is rightly called the “Paradise on Earth”. The panoramic vistas have served as the backdrop for many Bollywood movies and have continued to overwhelm us.

One thing I was not aware of until I visited this destination was that other than nature buffs favourite, this place is also a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. This mystical land on the foot of Himalayas offers scope for a plethora of adventure sports activities. The fast flowing rivers are best suited for waters ports like rafting, fishing and river jumping, while the snow-capped mountains can be conquered by trekking and mountaineering. As it is flocked by tourists all year-round, it is advisable to book the tickets at least one month prior to the visit. Also, you can check the 11078 running status here for a hassle free journey.

Try these 5 exciting sports and discover the adventurer in you –



Starting with paragliding because I loved it the most. Flying above the snow-covered mountains like a bird is an experience that can’t be described in words. One of the best places to enjoy this sport is the Sanasar Lake in Jammu. Hop on to one of the paragliders, hang tight and join the chirping birds on their tour of this mesmerising land.


Love skiing? Then Gulmarg is the destination for you. It is one of the most renowned skiing resorts in Asia. From beginners to experts, this place offers opportunities for all. Also, the city of Gulmarg hosted the first winter games in the year 1998, which became a big hit among the masses and tourists as well. There are skiing schools that train the beginners and ensure that all the precautions are taken while skiing.




Home to the mountain ranges like the Great Karakoram, Nun-Kun mountains, Shivalik and Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir is a hub of several treks. The trekking tracks passes through some of the sprawling valleys, vast green meadows and rich apple orchards. The blue lakes with towering peaks in the backdrop make the trekking experience even more mesmerizing.


Hot air ballooning


The only way we can fulfill our dream of flying like a bird can be through Aerosports. These sports give us a chance to glide through the paradise and ascend above the clouds that too without wings. No other place in India can be better than Jammu and Kashmir for trying this sport. Hot Air Ballooning is among the few aerospace activities in which you don’t need experience. The best place to enjoy hot air ballooning in Jammu is at Sanasar Lake.


Hand Gliding

Among the most newly introduced sports in India is the Hand Gliding. In a very less time, it has gained a lot of popularity among tourists and locals alike.  It is performed with the use of air currents against the engine power. The most important thing to be considered in this sport is the weather. Other than the monsoons and peak winters, you can enjoy the sport all year-round.


White Water Rafting


Rafting is one of the most loved adventure activity these days. Other than Rishikesh, the place I loved most for rafting is Jammu and Kashmir. There are different routes for all kind of rafters. If you are a beginner, take the 2.5 km white water rafting challenge from Pahalgam or if you have tried your hands in rafting before, you can enjoy the extra long ride of around 8 km with level 3 and 4 rapids on Lidder River.


So, if you are visiting Jammu and Kashmir, don’t just admire the natural beauty of the place but also indulge in some adrenalin pumping for a complete experience.

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