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The Best Place to Stay In Bhopal

Bhopal’s tourism has been on a constant boom since the historical and geographical places in the city were started being given recognition among the locals as well as the outsiders. The city has some amazing monumental as well has naturally beautiful sites that intend to keep the tourists interested. There are also some mystical places around the city, quite off-beat as compared to the usual ones, which ought to be paid a visit.

Plan your visit

Monsoon and autumn months are the best months to visit Bhopal since in these months the heat wave is comparatively less effective. These seasons also witness a lot of tourists, and thus, it is better to pre book a place in Bhopal for your stay.

Where to stay in Bhopal?

In order to enjoy each and every moment of your trip to the fullest, it is better to go for an off-beat yet traditional place. The popular heritage palace, the WelcomHeritage Noor-Us-Sabah hotel in Bhopal is just the perfect place for tourists. The palace was once the home to the Nawab’s sister and the grandeur of the place has been kept intact. The rich wooden furnishings, majestic architecture and spell bounding location make this one of the most luxurious heritage hotels in India. The rooms have been furnished in a likewise stylish yet kingly pattern. Located atop a hill, the view from the hotel’s courtyards is mesmerizing and you can see the entire lit-up city of Bhopal at night.

Noor-Us-Sabah hotel in Bhopal


Although it is a heritage hotel, the commodities and services at WelcomHeritage Noor-Us-Sabah have been kept up to date and with complete accordance to the modern day amenities like huge clean water swimming pools and Wi-Fi facilities. There are in-built spas for the relaxation of the guests as well. The health clubs ensure that you stay in touch with your fitness even when you are away from home.

Dining services

The dining facilities at WelcomHeritage Noor-Us-Sabah Bhopal are something to look forward to. With numerous different lines of foods and dining facilities, the Za-aiqa is centered around serving the dishes of the Nawabi era, the Dynasty encompasses all the popular cuisines across the world like the Hunan cuisine, the Chinese and Mandarin foods and many other options, and the mesmerizing Barbeque Restaurant is located in open air so as to let you relish the steamy food by moonlight along with live music and great company.

The WelcomHeritage Noor-Us-Ssbah is at par with excellence that one may look for in a luxury hotel. All the services, from laundry to help desk, are specially aimed to provide full help to the tourists and make their stay a rather pleasurable and memorable one. We ensure that the time you spend resting and chilling is also counted as memorable in a part of your trip to Bhopal. Stay close to the city’s roots by staying at one of the prominent forts in the city and witness for yourself the grandeur and royalty of the Nawabs of Bhopal. Make a prior booking to ensure that you find a place in this majestic hotel during the holiday season.

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