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6 surefire ways to make your next flight suck less

Being a traveler is extremely life changing and has a lot of exciting unforgettable and not so pleasing experiences that goes along with it. However, let’s not forget that with the amount of upsides it offers, there goes tagging along the downsides.

Frequent travelers, specifically the frequent flyers, will likely tell you the same thine — flying is tricky. Merely the idea of looking for and scoring cheap flight and accommodation deals, how and when should you redeem points and the works are already draining.

Ask a travel what their favorite thing about flying and if they still have fears of it. Chances are you’ll encounter two striking responses: one who have always been afraid to fly but overcomes it to explore the world and one who developed a slight fear of flying because having to experience it frequently makes them a little paranoid of plane crashes hence, fearing for their lives.

Of course, the experience varies from person to person. To help you relax for your next flight, we have gathered here the best tips to make your flying experience at ease.

Bring a good book.

A good way to take off your mind from the long flight is by reading a good book. If you’re traveling lonesome and need a company to help you relax, go on and be lost in the pages and chapters of your current must-read.

Meanwhile, if a book fails to keep you relaxed (or if you’re not that much of a reader yourself), no worries. Grab a magazine and browse through the large images. Planes have a few magazines to keep you company. If that doesn’t work as well, take out your earphones and play your favorite playlist.

Or, you can opt to put up a good film to watch. Keep in mind to avoid plane-related films such as Nonstop and Flight, it’s for your own good.

Stay warm.

If there’s something you should never forget in your carry on whenever you fly on board, it should be items to keep you warm.

Airplanes can get really cold as they blast their air conditioning which can lead you shivering throughout the whole flight. So instead of falling deeply asleep, you’re left there chilling in cold. Whether it’s summer or winter season, bring any clothing to keep you warm: jacket, blanket, sweater, shawl, scarf, socks and sarong. The crew can provide a blanket for you if you’re lucky they have a few on board. Also, if they do provide you with a blanket, we bet it’s not 100% clean.

Don’t forget to bring food and snacks on board.

Sure you can refer to their flight meals but it can cost you a few dollars than packing them your own. Also, they have strict hours of offering meals. Let’s say for a 12-hour flight, there will be about two meal serves in that span: the first being an hour after takeoff and the second will be two hours before landing. What’s left for you to chunk on in between? In addition, more often than not, flight meals aren’t that good on your taste buds as other airlines fail to serve sumptuous meals. Of course, that isn’t the case for all airlines; Emirates are known for their first-class meals and overall exceptional service. Remember, bring finger bite snacks with you to satisfy your hunger — it’s a life saver

Hydrate yourself.

You may not realize it once you’re tucked in in your seat but flying is ultimately dehydrating. Humidity level in the cabin drops drastically down to less than 20 percent. So it’s highly important that you take sips of water from time to time.

Not just hydrating through drinking water, also bring with you hand creams, eye dropper and lip balm as your skin, eyes, lips and nose will fall dry as well while on board. In addition. you don’t want want to step out of the cabin with a jet lag, do you? Although it’s unavoidable and there’s no concrete cure to it, keeping yourself hydrated and drinking plenty of water before, during and after flight can treat the jet lag.

Reserve yourself a good seat.

Shelling out a few more dollars to pick yourself a comfortable seat isn’t really a waste of money if it will give you comfort and relief, right?

Getting sandwiched in the middle seat when you’re left with no more good seats to take might just ruin your whole mood. Are you more relaxed and do you enjoy seeing the picturesque view when seated at the window seat? Or are you more of a considerate and choose the aisle seat to not disturb your co passenger when you excuse yourself? Reserve your seat to take a good pick.

Pack wet wipes.

Wet wipes save you from unsanitized tables, chairs and other objects; it protects you from gross and nasty items. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that wipes should be one of your flight buddies. Chances are, your tray table, arm rests and the likes are packed with bacteria’s more than anything because these items are rarely cleaned and only God know what other passengers put and do on it.

Surely with your flight experiences you have countless advice’s more to share. Comment below and share with our readers your best tip/s!

About Chie Suarez

Chie Suarez sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late, not to mention she writes for Kims Luxury Accomodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay NSW


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