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5 Tourist Places In Italy For The Perfect Italian Experience

Italy, without doubts, is one of the most sought-after destination in Europe. Whether you’re traveling with your better-half, kids or your parents, this country will have a lot in store for you. Right from the stunning beaches to art masterpieces and a culinary affair that has inspired the world, you will be left stunned with all of that coming your way for a wonderful holiday in the foreign land. For someone creating the itinerary for a visit to Italy, it could be a mind boggling task, considering myriad of tourist destinations there are. So, to make your life simple and easy here are top 5 tourist places in Italy which you just cannot miss visiting.

1. Venice


Italy doesn’t feel like Italy if we don’t mention Venice with it. This canal city is not like any other city in the world, this place flaunts its own distinctive charm that indeed in non-pareil. However, many cities like Macau and Las Vegas have some attractions inspired by Venice. But of course wha’s original is always closer to hear. The Gondola ride through the city’s most iconic landmarks is the most beautiful experience to have when you’re here. If you’re on a honeymoon, you must go for private gondola serenade tours. You get your own gondola and the rower sings beautiful folk melodies to make the moment even more romantic.

2. Rome


Rome, the city that shows of the best of Renaissance art, architecture and of course the history will move you. There are museums, art galleries and archeological sites that are picture-perfect and have legends to narrate. St Peter’s Basilica is indeed an site that’s symbolic of Italian tourism. This is the largest church in the world. Similarly Colosseum, the royal Roman theatre is massive, having a capacity to host as much as 55,000 visitors at a time.

3. Tuscany

When we talk about Tuscany, we automatically start picturing miles of rolling hills covered in vineyards and golden sunsets to adore. Tuscany can be regarded as the Wine Capital of Italy tourism without doubt. Beside wine tours here, the art will leave you bewitched too. Gallery of Uffizi, and Leaning Tower of Pisa are among the most popular attractions in Tuscany. But, if you’d much rather lose yourself in the countryside, then you must opt for bike tours which can be taken in groups too.

4. Naples


If you’re thinking of gorging on pizza when in Italy, you cannot not go to Naples. This is where you’ll get the best of pizzas in the world. Alongside the gastronomical experience, the sight of Naples is to die for! The colorful buildings by the shore and volcano Mount Vesuvius in the backdrop take the breath away. Castel Sant’Elmo military fortress, Capodimonte Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Naples Cathedral- II Duomo, and Piazza San Domenico Maggiore are among the top places to visit in Naples.

5. Milan

Often known to be the Fashion Capital of the world, Milan is among the best tourist places in Italy for the fashionistas, and even for football enthusiasts. When you’re here, don’t miss the fashion shows organized twice a year. Or if not that, window shopping in world-renowned designers’ studios is something that will give you an insight to the fashion scenario of this grand city. Basilica Sant’Ambrogio, Navigli Lombardi canal, and Milan Square (Piazza del Duomo) are some of the must-visit places to visit on your visit to Milan.

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