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3 Luxury Yoga Retreats in Mystical Morocco

Yoga, a physical, spiritual and mental discipline, originated in ancient India and today, thousands of years later, there are millions of devotees across the world.

When you think of Morocco, yoga is not the first thing that comes to mind, yet it is the perfect setting for escaping the hustle and bustle of busy city life and there are a surprising number of yoga and meditation retreats in this beautiful African country. Here are our top picks.

1. Hot Yoga at Mazagan Beach Resort

The Mazagan Beach Resort is legendary for its wide range of incredible accommodation, restaurants and endless beaches, but it is increasingly becoming a favourite among yogees who can enjoy all the creature comforts such as spa treatments and bathing in the Moroccan hammam while practicing yoga.

Mazagan offers hot yoga, a series of Hatha Yoga postures practiced in a room that is heated between 35 and 40 degrees C. It is suitable for beginner and advanced practitioners. The heat allows the body to detoxify through sweating while more easily aligning the body.

World-renowned yoga instructor Vicky Thompson focuses on spinal health through her yoga classes.

The resort has also launched Complete Transformation Retreats, incorporating yoga classes twice a day, nutritional advice, mindset coaching and juices and smoothies based on the guest’s body type.

Hot yoga is offered in the mornings and evenings, while restorative yoga classes are held at midday.


Image: Practising yoga at the Mazagan Resort in El Jadida. Source:


2. Bikram Yoga with Morocco Retreats

This retreat is run by Emma Joyston-Bechal, owner of Zamzam Riad boutique hotel in Marrakech. Visitors can enjoy Bikram, Ashtanga and VInyasa yoga classes twice a day at the hotel, or join Emma on a healing and nourishing retreat in the heart of the Sahara Desert.

During the three-day outbound retreat guests will explore Morocco’s enchanting towns, such as Essaouira, the beach and the Sahara desert with yoga classes led by world yoga experts.

Accommodation, meals, daily yoga, sound and meditation are all incorporated in the retreat packages with optional add-ons such as Moroccan cooking classes, camel rides and hammam sauna sessions. The next retreat is planned for October 29 2016.


Image: Yoga in the Sahara desert. Source:


3. Soulshine Moroccan Yoga Adventures

Set within the tranquility of a traditional riad house in the heart of Marrakech, the Soulshine Retreat offers daily rooftop yoga and meditation classes.

Described as one of the top six relaxed riads in Marrakech, they offer five transformational Vinyasa Flow yoga sessions, four evening Lunar yoga practices and always only take a small number of people so that each participant can get plenty of personal attention.

Classes are led by yoga master Soulla who offers both dynamic and flowing and healing and restorative Yin based yoga.

You can also go for guided walking tours of the souks or Medina’s key sites, a traditional Moroccan cooking course, day trips to the Atlas mountains and three wholesome, healthy home-cooked meals.


Image: Yoga at Soulshine Retreat with Soulla. Source:


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