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Top perfumes that are everyone’s favorite

Jacques Guerlain, a French perfumer in 1889 introduced “Jicky” and that’s when era of modern perfumery started. Its finest blend of amber, vanilla and musk almost immediately holds public’s interest, convincing women around the world about wearing perfume. No longer was it considered a luxury or necessity, rather a compulsion. Let’s take a drip down the memory lane and learn about all time favorite perfumes.

Original classics

For those who wish to get a feel of true luxury and well-being, start with classic fragrances. In 1921, a Parisian designer Coco Chanel debut the perfume industry by selecting fifth vial from sample scents. The outcome was “Chanel No 5”, that eventually became a bestseller with a sweet yet invigorating blend of citrus and floral. Even the actress, Marilyn Monroe admitted it being the only perfume she ever wore to bed. In 1925, four years later came sequel to the original “Jicky” though created by Guerlain, after success of “Shalimar”. It contains a balance of vanilla, iris, jasmine and rose; considered a flagship in Guerlain’s array even today.


In 1929, almost one year after the collapse of world economy came “Joy”. The attempt made by French designer “Jean Patou” was to elude the depressive air while leave a wave of joy. Deluxe combination of rose, jasmine and musk made it world’s most expensive perfume at that time. Celebrating the end of austerity left by World War II, designer Christian Dior sparks a new life by releasing series of excellent fragrances such as “New Look” and “Miss Dior” later in 1947. Rich floral fragrance of “L’Air du Temps” spruced up the design house of Nina Ricci in 1948.

Affordable favorites

“Evening in Paris”, being affordable allow every woman to wear real French scents. In 1928, inexpensive fragrance market was given a kick-start when French cosmetic firm “Bourjois” designed the scent for American industry. A seducing whiff of vanilla, musk, Turkish rose and violet came in a cobalt blue bottle almost immediately became desire of every women. The ad campaign delivered a concept of wearing “Evening in Paris” being the next best thing.

For younger generation

In 1970s, the perfume industry targeted blue jeaned youths with more affordable fragrances. Another reasonable fragrance, however after decades became a luxury scent among youngsters named as “Charlie”. It was launched by Revlon in 1973 having a snappy, fresh-flower smell that provoked casual elegance. Marketing campaign was quite creative with a catchy jingle that made it one-of-its-kind fragrance for teenage girls. “Obsession” by Calvin Klein in 1985 spiced up the youth fragrance industry however its commercials were censored being unethical at that time.

Timeless delights

Great perfumes last a lifetime even after years of release and quite appealing to all senses. Designer Jean Carles in 1932 created “Tabu” that carried an enticing base of patchouli and amber. The idea of perfume being a provocateur was revised in 1977 with introduction of “Opium” by Yves Saint Laurent that has a sultry combination of musk and oriental spice. “Angel” came out in 1992, designed by Thierry Mugler. Packing a new blend of fruits with a touch of caramel, vanilla and chocolate; it’s quite stimulating to foodies! Bottled in a stylish star-shaped flask, a reminiscent of early era, “Angel” depicted the idea of grand perfumers.

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