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Top 5 Voltas ACs under 20000

Monsoons have come, but the relief from heat has not. Even though it is rainy season, there is very limited rainfall in some parts of the country, which means uncomfortable hot weather condition which may be worse in areas with high humidity. So, what you get is a day-long uncomfortable weather. Thus, not only during summer months, in a hot country like India, a good quality air conditioner is a necessity almost round the year. Be it summers or monsoons, ACs come to the rescue and relieves you from the excessive heat, humidity and stuffy weather conditions.

Air conditioners nowadays also come with highly advance technology. The modern air conditioning systems don’t only look styling, but are also highly capable. These can offer better and faster cooling better than ever, makes the indoor air quality better and even consume less power. Many of these highly capable AC models are also even very affordable, so they are totally win-win buys. There are of course higher and more advanced AC models that look superb, comes with an array of awesome features, consume really less power and can work even during power-cuts by running on home inverters, but with get them home you will need to spend extra bucks and they are all worth it.

When it comes to ACs, Voltas ACs quickly pop up in the minds of mass Indian buyers. Voltas ACs have been around for decades and the highly acclaimed for their quality, capability and reliability. Thus, Voltas ACs have been one of the first choices when going for a new AC in India, this because of the great brand value of the Voltas Limited. Voltas is owned by the Indian industrial major, Tata that further enhances the trust and reliability factors of the brand.

Voltas is largest air conditioning company in India. This Indian company is also one of the premier engineering solution providers as well as project specialists in the world. Voltas was founded back in 1954, and has been offering engineering solutions like ventilation and air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, electro-mechanical projects, water management & treatment, indoor air quality and many more to a wide range of industries. So, it can be easily understood, why people in India like going for Voltas ACs when they need to purchase a new AC. Then again, Voltas ACs are also affordable as compared to other global air conditioner brands.

So, if you are totally bogged down with the uncomfortable and hot weather conditions and wish to enjoy a cool and pleasant environment in your house, you have to get hold of a good air conditioner. And if you are eyeing Voltas ACs that are affordable and well within your budget, then here is a list of very capable Voltas ACs within the price slab of Rs. 20000. Take a look:

1. Voltas 183 Cya 1.5 Ton 3-Star Window AC

Voltas 183 Cya 1.5 Ton

Voltas 183 Cya 1.5 Ton 3-Star Window AC is one of the best window ACs that you can buy in the Indian market under Rs. 20,000. Its greatest advantage is certainly its large 1.5 Ton capacity. It is also 3 Star rated, which means lower power consumption. Within this price range, the Voltas 183 Cya 1.5 Ton is certainly a great value for money buy with its large cooling capacity and its 3 star, which is the best in this list.

2. Voltas 122 LYE 1 Ton 2-Star Window AC

Voltas 122 LYE 1 Ton

The Voltas 122 LYE 1 is also a Window type AC, but this one is suitable for only those people who require it to be fitted to a small to medium sized room, as it is a 1-ton capacity model meant for smaller spaces. This is also available at a price well under 20k price slab. This AC is also very reliable and quite feature-rich and it obviously comes with the after sales services from the house of Voltas.

3. Voltas 102 PY 0.75 Ton 2-Star Window AC

Voltas 102 PY 0.75 Ton

Voltas 102 PY 0.75 Ton 2-Star is another highly capable and very affordable window AC. It is a compact model and is only meant for small sized rooms. With its 0.75 Ton capacity, it can efficiency cool small rooms. This AC comes with a 2-star energy efficiency rating which is good for its class. The Voltas 102 PY is one of the best window AC models under Rs. 20000 that you can buy in the market, if your requirement of cooling is meant for a small sized room. This Voltas AC model can be easily bought from the stores, while it is also available at online e-commerce site with better attractive price deals.

4. Voltas 122CY 1 Ton 2 Star Split AC

This time around we have a split AC model in this list. Split ACs are always considered to be more efficient cooling, convenience and more stylish. The best part is that the Voltas 122CY 1 Ton is a very affordable model, as split ACs are generally much more expensive as compared to the window type counterparts. This AC comes with all the standard split AC features like self-diagnosis and auto start. Which makes this AC very attractive is its price tag of just Rs. 19,990 and then again, it also comes with a 2 Star energy economical rating. Thus, the Voltas 122CY can be a superb choice for you, if you have strict budget but you still wish to buy a split AC. It comes with a 1-ton capacity and can cool smaller spaces very quickly as well as efficiently.

5. Voltas 123 LY 0.75 Ton 2 Star Window AC

Voltas 123 LY 0.75 Ton

The Voltas 123 LY 0.75 Ton AC is again a window type AC which is meant for small rooms, as it has a 0.75 capacity. It is also the cheapest model in this list that comes with a price tag of only Rs. 17,900. The AC comes with decent features and smart looking exterior design along with 2-star energy efficiency rating. Its features include moisture removal technology, anti-bacterial filter, auto mode, fresh air ventilation, etc.

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