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Some Exclusive Cupcakes Decorations Ideas

If you want to add the WOW factor to your party, cup cake decoration is show’s topper idea. They are mini cakes but look great when decorated with awesome multicolor sprinkles and toppings.

It is a very fashioned and super idea to grab the attention of guests and finish it first. We have simple but eye-catching ideas for decorating cupcakes using simple tips. Please have a look here under.

  • Decorated By Candy :


For candy lovers, it’s a great fun to have both taste of candies and cake. You can use multiple color candy, or M &M’s cookies for creating personalized cupcake. You can use custom small candies to deck on the top of cupcake.

  • Chocolate Drawings :


Chocolate drawing or we can say edible garnish is a contemporary style to give the cupcake look more exquisite and modern. You can melt white and dark chocolate in the mould to set the designs. Let it dry completely. Now take out from the mould and garnish it on the top of the cake.

  • Little Messy Ganache :


It’s a very glossy and adorable look for making a special ganache at home. You need to take ¼ cup of milk and some assortments of dark chocolates. Take one bowl of warm water, now put one empty bowl in it.

Put milk and chocolates both and stir it with spatula still chocolate doesn’t melt. Once it completely dissolved take out the chocolate bowl from the hot water. Now wait till it comes to the room temperature. You can dip cupcake in the ganache or simply garnish ganache on the top for getting glossy look.

  • Cookies decoration :


Cookies connoisseurs cheer up. Here is a wonderful idea of topping half cookie with sprinkling chocolate chips or chocolate powder. You can get double fun of cookies with cake here. Want to deliver Best Chocolates to China please click here.

  • Chocolate Shavings :


It’s a very easy and the snappy task of getting chocolate shavings decoration on cup cake. You Just need a vegetable peeler for grating chocolate into small round swirls. Top grated swirls on the top of the cake.

  • Drizzle-Y-Ness :


You can drizzle cup cake with two different colors from using this trick. First, start boiling chocolate in the double boiler. On the other hand melt peanut butter chips with the same method. Once both get dissolved take it in the Ziploc bag in the triangle cone. Cut the small hole of the triangle cone.

Now get ready to drizzle the cake with applying lines on it. In the same manner use butter chips boiling chocolates and draw the cake lines in the opposite direction. That’s very contrasting but mind taking idea to give a simple and sweet decoration on cup cake.

  • Sugar Cages decoration :


You can shine cake with glossy and stunning looks of sugar cages. Simply you need to do is to melt the sugar in the pan at the temperature of 340 degree at cook top or gas stove. Now keep stirring it until it doesn’t dissolve. Once you get glossy red color bubbles remove turn off the gas. Its sticky kind of structure you need to use for making thin lines with using a spatula.

First arrange two spatula handles to give the support of caramelized syrup. Now with a spoon, spread it side by side in two spatula handles. You will say glossy strings applied to it. Now gently remove the caramel strands from spatula handles. Your glossy caramel strands are ready to adorn your cupcake.

  • Mini Cupcakes with Sprinkles :


Decorate mini cupcake in cup cake. Don’t be confused, we are going to show you how it will happen. You need to apply the same method as you do for the real cupcakes. Frost mini butter cup cake, add the same piping and flavors you did for the real cup cake.

Double cupcake is ready to get the double dose of fun. If you are begging for Cake delivery to China you can shop it from here only.

  • Chocolate Bubble Wrap :


For this exclusive look, you need to melt both white and dark chocolate in the different boiler. Let it cool in the room temperature. First spread white chocolate on the bubble formed sheet, instantly apply dark chocolate on it. Let it set first. Your bubble wrap is ready to garnish the cup cake.

  • Fresh Fruit :


It’s a very simple but very nature friendly look for those who love fruits. Add fruit fiesta in cupcake by topping sugary frosting first, then add a little punch of cut heart shaped strawberries on it.

  • Chocolate Covered Crispy Towers :


Melt chocolate with 1 cup of rice crispy cereals. Now spread it on the paper sheet. Make sure every chocolate part is connected with branches. Gently take out without breaking tower. Your chocolate tower is ready to top on the cupcake.

So here are the useful tips for making cupcakes decorations without wasting much time and money. It is very simple to apply at home with using simple chocolates. Hope you like this article. If you like the article you can pass on your comments below.


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